Best XDefiant graphics settings to get more FPS & increase visibility

Best XDefiant graphics settings to get more FPS & increase visibility
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Harry Boulton


23rd May 2024 12:08


  • Lowering graphically intensive settings can help improve your FPS
  • Tweak your brightness, contrast, and sharpening to make enemies more visible
  • You can also adjust your NVIDIA Control Panel settings for further visibility boosts

While it depends on your own system, using the best graphics settings in XDefiant will give you more fps across the board, ensuring that your performance and visibility are top-notch on the battlefield.

Having a high framerate in-game is almost as important as having the best weapon loadout, as it not only makes the game feel smoother, improving your aim, but it also reduces input lag - ensuring that your actions happen instantly.

Best graphics settings

Setting Option
Display Mode Fullscreen
Display Resolution Your monitor's native resolution
Refresh Rate Highest possible
Triple Buffering Off
Reduced Latency On
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency On + Boost
Brightness 10
Contrast 15
DX12 Renderer Off (On if you have a HDR monitor)
Graphics Quality Custom
Framerate Limit Off
Shadow Quality Low
Spot Shadows Low
Spot Shadow Resolution Low
Contact Shadows Off
Resolution Sale 100%
Sharpening 4
Particle Detail Low
Volumetric Fog Low
Global Reflection Quality Low
Local Reflection Quality Off
Vegetation Quality Medium
Sub-Surface Scattering Off
Ambient Occlusion Medium
Object Detail 20
Extra Streaming Distance 0
Lens Flare Off
Water Quality Low
Chromatic Aberration Off
Terrain Quality Medium

Image of the best settings in XDefiant
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These exact settings allowed me to consistently achieve above 144fps at 1440p with my system (3060 Ti / 3300X), but it'll get you much higher if you play at a lower native resolution or have better components than me.

The key to the settings here are the shadows and lighting adjacent settings, as they cause heavy performance losses without significant visual benefits. Of course, having them enabled will make the game look its best, but when you're running around at speed trying to get kills and protect the objective I really don't think you'll notice!

If you're struggling to hit your monitor's refresh rate, I'd recommend lowering anything I've set to 'Medium' - especially something like Ambient Occlusion - and trying out a lower Resolution Scale, although you'll want to be careful not to go too low.

How to increase visibility in XDefiant

Visibility isn't always about maxing the graphical options, instead, you'll want to pay attention to specific settings like Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpening. Tweaking these in accordance with your monitor's in-built settings can help you get the clearest image with enough contrast to spot enemies in the distance.

Thankfully, XDefiant gives bright red outlines to enemies when in your field of view, so enhanced contrast settings can help those stand out more. The same is true for sharpening - especially if you're lowering the resolution scale - as this can help enemies stand out. However, you'll definitely want to be careful not to go too far in both of these settings, as it can end up distorting the image.

You'll also want to make sure that 'Chromatic Aberration' is always set to 'Off', as this quite literally distorts the edges of objects and your screen, making it harder to see and make out enemies in the distance. Why this is set to 'On' as default I'll never know!

Adjusting NVIDIA Control Panel

Alternatively, you can also head into the NVIDIA Control Panel to adjust your desktop colour settings directly, which can have a greater impact than anything else if done correctly.

Specifically, you'll want to raise the Contrast, Gamma, and Digital Vibrance settings, with the latter making the most difference. There isn't really a specific number you should set it to as it depends entirely on your monitor, so make sure to use the reference images to tweak it to your specific preferences.

Image of the Nvidia Control Panel Adjust Desktop Colour Settings menu
Click to enlarge

This can make seeing enemies in dark spots and shadows a lot easier, but it generally gives everything a pop to increase visibility across the board.

This, of course, can only be done by people with an NVIDIA GPU - but it's definitely something to consider if you are on Team Green.

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