How to send high fives & death reactions in XDefiant

How to send high fives & death reactions in XDefiant
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23rd May 2024 16:59

If you’re looking to throw a bit of praise your teammates’ way in XDefiant, or even throw a little shade at the enemy team, you may want to know how to high-five and death react in the game. So, I’m here to break them down and the differences between them.

In a game that brings together some of the most legendary Ubisoft franchises, you’re bound to see some excellent plays from your team that deserve a pat on the back. Or in this case, a big old high five.

How to send high fives in XDefiant

To send high fives in XDefiant, you’ll need to wait until the end of the match and select one of your teammates to praise. By doing so, you drop them a like and earn 100XP for doing so. You’ll also earn bonus XP when you receive a high five, which can be very useful for levelling up quickly.

High fives in XDefiant
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This is similar to the Overwatch 2 Endorsement mechanic. However, you can only high-five your teammates, meaning the opposing team won’t get your praise in this particular free-to-play shooter.

How to send death reactions in XDefiant

Death reactions are different to high fives in XDefiant in that they can only be sent during the match once a player has killed you. While you’re waiting to respawn and have the chance to change your loadout or faction, you can also send an emoji reacting to your death as in the image below.

Death reactions in XDefiant
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Sending these doesn’t have any effect other than letting the enemy that killed you know just how you feel about it, whether that’s a big smiley face for an excellent snipe, a shock for if it caught you off guard, or an angry reaction at having to wait to respawn.

That’s everything you need to know about sending high fives and death reactions in XDefiant. Always remember to send some team your love after a well-fought match. If you’re on the hunt for even more guides, be sure to check out our XDefiant homepage where you can find out how to get more XCoins and how to get all the weapon mastery camos.

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