How To Combine Items In Sons Of The Forest

How To Combine Items In Sons Of The Forest
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27th Feb 2023 13:28

Sons of the Forest is a crafting survival game where resources will mean the difference between life or death. You can make many items in the game, by combining raw materials. To learn how to combine and craft items in Sons of the Forest, read here.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Combine Items

Sons Of The Forest: How To make a spear
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To combine raw materials and make weapons, armour and more, follow these steps:

  • Open your inventory by pressing the I key.
  • A mat will spread out revealing all the materials you have collected so far.
  • Right-click on the items you wish to combine.
  • An easy weapon to make and a useful one for early game progress is the spear.
  • To make a spear, right-click the knife, duct tape and two sticks.
  • Whilst on the matt inventory screen, move the camera to the right to see the piles of twigs and stones.
  • Now press the gear icon to combine the items.
  • You can also hover over the gear icon during this process to bring up a list of crafting recipes you can make from your selected items.

Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Materials For Combining

Sons Of The Forest: Beach materials
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When starting the game, you will awaken on the beachfront of the map. This is a great area to pick up some early-game raw materials such as twigs, rocks and logs from the nearby forest.

You'll have an axe as part of your starting equipment. To equip it open your inventory with the I key, hover over the axe and left-click to equip it. Now, you can venture into the forest and cut down some trees for logs.

The beach is also a great area to pick up initial supplies like medicine, duct tape and other items from the red cases washed up on the beach.

This will set you up nicely to craft a makeshift shelter for the beginning of your survival journey.

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