Starfield Dethroned As Most Wishlisted Steam Game

Starfield Dethroned As Most Wishlisted Steam Game
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Tarran Stockton


17th Feb 2023 11:37

Now that Hogwarts Legacy is out, Bethesda's Starfield is arguably the most anticipated game of 2023. It hopes to stop critics that there aren't enough Xbox exclusives out there... if we ever get it.

Either way, Starfield was suddenly dethroned as the most wishlisted game on Steam, with a certain multiplayer survival horror game taking over for first place. 

Horror Game Gets More Wishlists Than Starfield In Surprise Usurping

Sons Of The Forest Gets More Wishlists Than Starfield In Surprise Usurping
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Sons of the Forest has overtaken Bethesda Game Studio's long-awaited RPG Starfield as the most wishlisted game on the Steam platform, to the surprise of many. 

As the sequel to the popular survival game called The Forest, Sons of the Forest is a highly anticipated horror that has nearly 400,000 reviews on Steam and stands at an Overwhelmingly Positive rating. Still, no one expected it to suddenly topple Starfield

Starfield is the latest game from the developers of the iconic Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, being the first original IP in two decades. It finally takes Bethesda's successful RPG formula to the stars. However, it still lacks a release date, with leaks suggesting it might receive yet another delay.

This hasn't exactly stopped the hype train for Xbox's flagship title of 2023, but it is slowing down as gamers are left wondering when they'll even have the chance to play. 

We know that Starfield is set to get a special showcase at some point soon, but even that is muddy right now, as a Bethesda community manager confirmed they are "still sorting stuff out." 

We'd expect Starfield to reclaim its top spot once it gets an official release date and people can start preordering it on Steam, but for now, the indies rule the roost. 

What Is Sons Of The Forest? 

What Is Sons Of The Forest?
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Sons of the Forest is a multiplayer survival horror game, serving as a sequel to 2018's The Forest. In the original, players crash-landed on a mysterious island inhabited by mutated cannibals that made their home in the labyrinthian tunnels below. You had to survive by scavenging, crafting, and building. 

The developers have recently announced the release date for the early access version of the game, with it set to drop for PC on February 23. It looks similar to the original, with expanded mechanics and a new story where players seek out the cannibal-infested island while searching for a missing billionaire. 

While Sons of the Forest is primarily made for multiplayer supporting up to eight players, it can also be played solo if you want to brave the horror alone. We'll have to see how long it can hold the top spot as the king of Steam's most anticipated upcoming releases. 

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