All achievements available for Sons of the Forest

All achievements available for Sons of the Forest
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15th Mar 2023 10:07

The Sons of the Forest achievement list has some difficult challenges for those looking to earn 100% completion in this tough survival horror game, so you may want to know the full list. The survival title is gaining a massive fan base, with many praising the game for its unique mechanics and intense gameplay. As it slowly reaches its official launch, more and more players will more than likely dive in.

With such a large gathering of players, it’s expected many will also be attempting to unlock all of the achievements available for Sons of the Forest. If you’re among the many and want to know every achievement obtainable, here is the complete list for Sons of the Forest.

All achievements available for Sons of the Forest 

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As expected with a survival game, you’ll have to ensure you’re alive for quite a long time. Sons of the Forest isn’t an easy game - especially for newcomers - so you’ll need to keep your wits about you to achieve victory.

The achievement list focuses on this aspect, alongside keeping up with the building mechanics and completing the story. There are also a few miscellaneous achievements to sink your teeth into.

There are currently 28 achievements in the game, but as it's still early access, we'd imagine more will be added in the future.

Here are all the achievements for Sons of the Forest:

  • Survivor
    • Survive Day 1
  • Tradesman
    • Build a structure with over 50 logs
  • Contractor
    • Build a structure with over 100 logs
  • Pinata
    • Blow up a Sluggy
  • What Could Go Wrong
    • Survive Day 10
  • Mc Crafty
    • Craft all weapons
  • Trusted
    • Become a Trusted Player in a Multiplayer Game
  • Every Move You Make
    • Give a GPS Locator to Virginia
  • Need a Bigger Boat
    • Get killed by a shark
  • Architect
    • Build a structure with over 500 logs
  • Badger
    • Dig 100 holes
  • Fight Demons 
    • Stay on the Island
  • Fought Demons 
    • Leave the Island
  • Sucker for Punishment
    • Get kicked by a Heavy Cannibal 5 times
  • Chivalry is Not Dead
    • Reach Max Sentiment with Virginia
  • City Planner
    • Build a structure with over 1000 logs
  • The Place Isn’t So Bad
    • Survive Day 25
  • Dynamo
    • Wear a full set of Tech Armor
  • I Dream of Sushi
    • Eat 20 Raw Fish
  • Keep Your Friends Close
    • Complete the story with all friendly NPCs still alive
  • 1%
    • Collect $1000
  • Fashionista 
    • Own every piece of clothing
  • I Like Blisters
    • Dig 1000 holes
  • Never Going Home
    • Survive Day 50
  • Maker
    • Print one of every item
  • Foodie
    • Eat one of each type of edible in the game
  • Collector
    • Pickup 50 watches
  • This Can’t Be Healthy
    • Drink 50 cans of Fi-Z

It’s going to be a bit time-consuming to get all of these Sons of the Forest achievements and may require quite a bit of skill, but it will allow you to reach 100% completion. 

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