Can You Play Sons Of The Forest On Steam Deck?

Can You Play Sons Of The Forest On Steam Deck?
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Daniel Hollis


28th Feb 2023 12:30

Sons of the Forest is quickly becoming a very popular title on Steam. The survival game is garnering a fast-growing fan base, and with positive word of mouth spreading like wildfire, more and more players are wondering just how they can jump into the game.

One of the most accessible ways in recent days is using the Steam Deck. Unlike a PC, this little handheld machine allows you to just jump into games - for the most part. With such incredible ease of access, let’s check out if Sons of the Forest is playable on the Steam Deck.

Can You Play Sons Of The Forest On Steam Deck?

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While Sons of the Forest may only be in early access, it’s quickly grown in popularity and seen peaks of around half a million players checking it out at one given time. However, given its current release state, it’s not entirely optimized.

The answer as to whether Sons of the Forest can play on Steam Deck is a double-edged sword. In short, the game can run on Steam Deck but comes with some huge caveats.

At the time of writing, Sons of the Forest is not Steam Deck verified. However, players have confirmed on social media and other forums that they have been able to load up and play the game. While this may sound great, it seems performance is less than ideal in its current iteration.

Many have reported low framerate - even at resolutions as low as 800p. Numerous crashes have also been cited to have happened when players are crafting in their world, which is less than perfect in a game that is centered around that mechanic.

While it’s relatively simple to download and boot up Sons of the Forest on Steam Deck, it may be worth waiting until certain issues are ironed out. As mentioned before, the game is currently not Steam Deck verified, so it may be worth waiting to see if developer Endnight Games manages to work its magic.

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