The Sims 4 Wants And Fears

The Sims 4 Wants And Fears
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2nd Aug 2022 17:49

Wants and Fears in The Sims 4 is the re-vamped whim system which came with the July game update for free. Now, sims will have three 'wants' in The Sims 4, a long-term, short-term, and reactionary want that is situational. Fears take a much more active role in developing your sim's personalities. To learn more about the Wants and Fears system in The Sims 4, read here.

Sims 4: Wants

The Sims 4 'Wants' system
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You have the option to confront your fears by completing a Want associated with your fear. These are contained in the spiky bubbles underneath the usual whims or 'Wants' and only appear after you have gained a new fear.

As mentioned, you have three wants at any given time and an optional fourth want that pertains to concurring a fear, (which appears in a jagged bubble).


Sims 4: All Fears

The Sims 4 'Fears' system
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Fears will appear in your traits panel under the character tab. Fears will slowly develop as you play with your sims, they trigger depending on different scenarios such as the unfulfilled dreams fear, which is triggered when a sim's Wants are not completed often.

Sims can have more than one fear at a time, and it is up to you whether you wish for your sim to live with their fears or concur them by completing the special Wants.

The following are all the new Fears in The Sims 4, how they are triggered and how to concur them.


Fear Triggered By

How To Concur Fear

Fear of Fire

Witnessing a fire.

Extinguish any fire


Fear of the Dark


Having a scary encounter at night.

Gain a confident mood when outside in the dark.

Fear of Dead-End Job


Not experiencing a promotion for some time.

Wait for the fear-related want bubble to appear. Click on your sim and select 'Regain Passion' before going to work.

Fear of Unfulfilling Dreams


No recently fulfilled wants.

Completing a 'want' first and then discussing your fears with someone close to you.  The want will appear in the spiky bubble near the other whims.

Fear of Being Cheated On

Bad woohoo or no woohoo for some time

Talk about your relationship fears with your partner.

Fear of Being Judged

Experiencing mean interactions

Use the 'figure out differences' interaction with another sim

Fear of Death

Witness the death of someone close to you

Discuss fear with other sims or give a Death Flower to Grim.

Fear of Ghosts

Have a scary ghost encounter

Enter a fight with a ghost


Get eaten by a Cowplant

Milk a Cowplant when under the confident moodlet


Craft a poor-quality item or from having poor work performance

Ask for a performance review while at work or craft something and show it off to another sim.

Fear of Swimming

Have a scary experience while swimming

Swim for an hour while in the confident moodlet state

Crowded Places

From being on a crowded lot with many sims

Be funny in a crowded lot.

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