The Sims 4 Patch Notes: July 2022 Update

The Sims 4 Patch Notes: July 2022 Update
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27th Jul 2022 17:04

Releasing just in time for the new Sims 4: High School Years Expansion, The Sims team have published a free update for the base game. This new update introduces a host of gameplay features and the eagerly anticipated inclusion of body hair. With this, players can roleplay more easily as teens grow into adulthood. For details on the July 2022 update patch notes, read on.

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The Sims 4 July Update: New Base Game Update

Besides the usual bug fixes, The Sims 4 team have included new gameplay and cosmetic features to the base game for free. This means you will only need a copy of the base game and no other expansions to be able to grab these new features for yourself. The new additions are:

  • Curved Walls
  • Phone Update
  • Wants and Fears gameplay
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Body Hair

The Sims 4 July Update: Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation added to The Sims
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This feature has been on the wish list of fans for many years. Previously, all sims have been pansexual and can romance anyone they see. With this update, players can now pre-set the sexual preference of their sims, allowing greater storytelling opportunities.

The following options have been released in the base game update in create-a-sim:

  • 'This sim is romantically attracted to' (this is the set attraction to men or women; sims will deny any other romance when the box is checked if left unchecked but the mess around option is enabled it allows for aromantic sims.
  • 'This Sim is exploring romantically' (their orientation may shift)
  • 'This Sim is interested in mess around with' (physical intimacy preference is determined, this can be left unchecked to allow for asexual sims)

There are also new gameplay options which allow sims to ask each other what their orientation is. These new options are limited however and do not include non-binary sims. For now, The Sims team are keen to express that they wish to develop this in the future as they battle against software limitations.


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The Sims 4 July Update: Curved Walls

Curved walls added to The Sims
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From hushed tones and mysterious Twitter leaks, curved walls have been rumoured to be on The Sims horizon for a while now. With the new July update, curved walls have finally been confirmed.

Sims builders are especially happy with this free added feature as it will help diversify building tutorials for gameplay audiences.

There is also an added menu option for windows that are supported by curved walls, making the building aspect a lot easier.

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The Sims 4 July Update: Wants And Fears

Wants and Fears mechanic added to The Sims
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This new system is said to overhaul the current Whims system. Instead of seemingly random whims appearing instructing you to buy your sim something, the new wants and fears system tries to personalise gameplay more. Based on your traits and aspirations, you will receive two 'Wants' and a 'Fear' in a jagged bubble where the whims once were.

You can choose to tackle the fear or leave it, adding more importance to the traits you pick for your sim and character development opportunities for Sims players.

Wants and Fears have been included in previous instalments of The Sims, this gameplay mechanic will be added to the base game with wants to be split into three categories. These are long-term, short-term, and reactionary wants (meaning they will appear depending on your environment if you have travelled to a specific lot etc). Be sure to have the option checked in your game options menu.

The Sims 4 July Update: Body Hair

Body hair added to The Sims
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New body hair options have been added for men and women, body hair falls into these categories: back, chest, arms, and legs. This update coincides perfectly with the release of The Sims 4: High School Years as players will be able to chart their sim's journey into puberty.

The Sims 4 July Update: Phone Updates

The entire phone system has been overhauled, with added categories to simplify the UI. There is also added customisation, with players able to choose the colour of the display background of their phones and the exterior colours of their cases. The added categories massively help simplify and tidy up the interface.

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