How To Get A Cowplant In The Sims 4

How To Get A Cowplant In The Sims 4
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Kiera Mills


15th Sep 2022 11:00

Cowplants in The Sims 4 are iconic cow-like plants which grow and eventually produce the essence of life potion. To learn how to grow a cowplant in The Sims 4 for yourself, and how to get the essence of life, read here.

The Sims 4 Cowplant Locations

The Sims 4, location to get a cowberry
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Cowplants are grown by planting cowplant berries. Cowplant berries can be found by fishing or exploring the following locations:

  • Oasis Springs ponds
  • The Forgotten Grotto Lake
  • Found when digging for treasure
  • Found when exploring space in a rocket
  • Can be made by grafting together a snapdragon and dragonfruit. The dragonfruit plant is made by combining a strawberry and snapdragon.
  • By using the 'bb.showhiddenobjects' cheat and searching for it in the build and buy menu.

The Sims 4 Cowplant Growth Stages

The Sims 4, cowplant cake
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The cowplant will require food every 12 hours, when it is hungry it will stick its tongue out of its mouth in the shape of a cake to lure any unsuspecting sims into taking a bite.

If you do not feed your cowplant past 24 hours, it will die and become a skeleton.

The cowplant takes 2-3 days to grow, if your sim tries to bite the cowplant cake it will swallow the sim and spit it out again. This causes the sim to have the uncomfortable moodlet for three days and may also develop a fear of cowplants, due to the wants and fears system.


The Sims 4: How To Get The Essence of life

The Sims 4, cowplant eats sim animation
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If your sim gets eaten once by the cowplant, it is possible to then milk it. Milking the cowplant will yield a moodlet potion, whichever moodlet it is, will be dependent on the mood of your sim as it was eaten.

If your sim is swallowed by the cowplant twice in a row, they will die. Milking the cowplant after it has successfully killed a sim will give you the essence of life potion. This essentially resets your sim's life bar to the start of their current life stage, adding days to their life.

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