What is telecorn in Project Zomboid?

What is telecorn in Project Zomboid?
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Tarran Stockton


17th Mar 2023 11:23

You may wonder, what is telecorn in Project Zomboid? Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival role-playing game that features a mostly realistic simulation of the zombie apocalypse, forcing you to balance many different aspects of survival.

If you follow the game closely and are part of its community, you may have seen memes about something called telecorn popping up frequently. So, if you want to learn what telecorn is in Project Zomboid, read our full breakdown below.

What is telecorn in Project Zomboid?

Telecorn is a portmanteau of teleport and corn, which was coined in a Reddit post titled  "Strangest thing happened", where the poster ate some corn and randomly got teleported across the map to a different city. Another user then commented, "Get a load of this guy, doesn't even know about the telecorn", which is seemingly the first documented use of the term.

Since then, it has turned into a big meme in the community, and whenever someone takes to a forum or website asking about telecorn, most people treat it as an inside joke and pretend it's real.

That does beg the question of what exactly happened to the original poster of the Reddit thread, and whether it was a one-off bug, or corn does have the potential to just teleport you?

The only word we have from a developer so far is on this Steam thread, where a user asked about telecorn. A dev called nasKo responded that it was a joke which originated from the above Reddit thread, though this didn't really address if telecorn was an actual bug that could occur.

It seems that some semblance of mystery still surrounds the whole telecorn meme. The original Reddit poster could have faked the teleport, which led to a community meme being born, or there really is some corn in the game with magical properties. Just be careful next time you go to grab a bite.

That's all for our answer to the question, what is telecorn in Project Zomboid? And now you know it originated from a joke on the Project Zomboid Reddit.

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