How to cook all the recipes in Project Zomboid

How to cook all the recipes in Project Zomboid
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You'll need to learn about cooking on Project Zomboid, as it's imperative for your health once you start running out of fresh food and canned goods early in the apocalypse. Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG where players are tasked with surviving the undead as long as possible.

A big part of the experience involves upgrading your survival skills, allowing you to fare much better as time goes on and resources become more scarce. So, if you want to enjoy the culinary side of the apocalypse, check out our guide about cooking and what recipes are available.

How to cook in the game

Cooking is a process that requires a few items and inputs, so we'll cover all the necessary steps.

  1. Have all relevant food ingredients and a container (cooking pot, frying pan, bowl) in your inventory
  2. Open your inventory and right-click a container
  3. Add the ingredients using the drop-down menu
  4. Once it's finished, right-click the food and eat it

It's worth noting that some of the menu options are contextual based on what food you are prepping, as you can see in the image below.

an image showing how to make a salad in Project Zomboid
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Whenever you add ingredients, cook raw or uncooked food, or slice up dead animals, you will receive XP toward the Cooking skill.

As your Cooking skill increases, you can use fewer ingredients when crafting dishes, and make dishes more filling to reduce hunger. At level seven Cooking, you can even use rotten ingredients safely.

Cooking recipes

There are a number of simple and advanced cooking recipes in the game, based on a wide amount of different food items that can be used as ingredients. Here are the different recipes:

Simple Recipes

Food Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
Pot of Soup Can Opener Canned Vegetable Soup Cooking Pot Heat Source
Bowl of Beans Can Opener Canned Beans Bowl n/a
Bowl of Soup Pot of Soup Bowl Heat Source n/a
Watermelon Chunks Watermelon Blunt weapon n/a n/a
Watermelon Slice Watermelon Blade weapon n/a n/a
Bread Slices Bread Blade weapon n/a n/a

Advanced Recipes

Food Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5
Hot Cuppa Tea Bag or Coffee Kettle of Water Empty Mug Sugar Heat Source
Chicken Chicken Heat Source n/a n/a n/a
Salmon Salmon Heat Source n/a n/a n/a
Steak Steak Heat Source n/a n/a n/a
Pot of Stew Water Cooking Pot Stew Ingredients Heat Source n/a
Pot of Soup Water Cooking Pot Soup Ingredients Heat Source n/a
Salad  Bowl Salad Ingredients n/a n/a n/a
Bread Dough Rolling Pin Water Flour Salt Yeast
Pie Dough Water Flour Salt Butter n/a
Bread Bread Dough Heat Source n/a n/a n/a
Pie Preparation Rolling Pin Baking Pan Pie Dough n/a n/a
Cake Preparation Cake Batter Baking Pan n/a n/a n/a

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