Project Zomboid Cheats: How To Access And Use Cheats

Project Zomboid Cheats: How To Access And Use Cheats
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Tarran Stockton


17th Jan 2022 09:48

To enable Project Zomboid cheats, you'll have to mess with some settings outside the game. It can flip the Project Zomboid experience upside down, making for a lot of fun and allowing you to tailor the entire game to your liking by tinkering with tonnes of modifiers. It's a notoriously difficult game to begin with as well, meaning cheats can help you ease into playing and familiarising yourself with the many mechanics. So, here's our rundown of how to access Project Zomboid cheats and enable them.

Project Zomboid Cheats: How To Enable Cheats

Project Zomboid Cheats steam properties
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The Project Zomboid cheats menu isn't enabled in the game by default, and you can't enable it in the game itself, but it's a simple task of adding a launch option to the game with the Steam client. On your Steam library, find Project Zomboid and right-click the game.

From the little menu that appears, select 'Properties' which will bring up another window that should begin with 'General.' On that same window, type "-debug" into the text box underneath the 'Launch Options.' You can now exit the window and boot the game where the cheat meany should be accessible.

Project Zomboid Cheats: How To Use The Cheat Menu

Project Zomboid Cheats enabled
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Once you are on Project Zomboid, begin a new save or load an old one and once everything has loaded up, a new option should appear on the left side of your screen.

It resembles a little mosquito and has a red background once activated; upon clicking it, there will be a litany of debug options that appear on the screen. From this screen you can change a lot of options about the game, and tune everything from your skills and stats, the zombie population, weather, and more.

Due to the amount of options to change, it can be a little overwhelming, so here are all the main cheats available:

Skill Level

Project Zomboid Cheats skills
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To alter your skill levels, such as maxing them all out, you have to navigate to the 'Player's Stats' screen which is five down in the debug menu. Clicking it will show another window with a table at the bottom which lists all the perks, your levels in the skills, XP needed, and some other information. Click on a perk, and three separate buttons will highlight below, which add XP, give you a level, and remove a level respectively. Levelling up a perk ten times will max it out. 

This screen also lets you add and remove traits, change your profession, and alter the basic information like your name.

God Mode

Project Zomboid Cheats god mode
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The God Mode is a classic cheat, and it gives you complete invulnerability to everything, making you unstoppable. Whether you want to make things easier for yourself, or just mess around in the world, God Mode has many uses, and it has its own setting.

At the top of the Debug Menu, select 'General Debuggers' and then select 'Moodles and Body' in the next window. From there, you can scroll down and find the God Mode option which can be selected. It sits next to the options to turn invisible and become a ghost too.


Project Zomboid Cheats building
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After enabling the Debug Menu, if you right-click any ground tile you can select the options 'Metalwork' or 'Carpentry' from the menu that appears, allowing you to build anything in the game without the required resources. 


Project Zomboid Cheats teleport
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If you want to move across the map, but the long route isn't appealing to you - why not just teleport? Right-click any tile near you and in the menu, select the '[DEBUG] UIs' option and then 'Teleport' in the next menu. It will ask you to input the coordination, so you will need to learn those specifics to make great use of it.

That's our guide to the Project Zomboid cheats menu, and now you should be able to activate the cheats and navigate the menu to enable some modifications to the experience.


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