How to find & use a sturdy stick in Project Zomboid

How to find & use a sturdy stick in Project Zomboid
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20th Mar 2023 16:12

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG where you are tasked with lasting through the zombie apocalypse as long as possible. A big part of surviving effectively is crafting important items that relate to your survival skills, ranging from First Aid to Fishing. So, if you want to know how about getting your hands on a sturdy stick, we've got you covered. 

How do you find and use a sturdy stick?

A sturdy stick is a crafting item that you can only gain through crafting, meaning it cannot be found elsewhere.  

To make one, you will first need a saw and a single plank in your inventory. From there, you can just right-click the plank and select "sturdy stick". This will consume the plank, but you will still keep the saw and get eight sturdy sticks out of it.

How to find and use a sturdy stick in Project Zomboid
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Sturdy sticks can be used to craft a few different survival items, such as:

  • Tent Kit
  • Splint
  • Stick Trap
  • Fishing Rod

Many of these are useful survival items that are key for specific skills. Tent kits allow you to camp out and sleep, a splint can be used to help heal a broken bone injury, a stick trap is used in trapping to get animals, and a fishing rod can be used for fishing.

How to find and use a sturdy stick in Project Zomboid fuel
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Another important use for sturdy sticks is as fuel for fires. If you have a sturdy stick and a notched wooden plank, you can select a campfire with fuel that's already been added and choose the "light fire" option. This will let you attempt to start the fire.

If you are next to a fire that's already been lit, you can add a sturdy stick as additional fuel, increasing the time the fire is lit for 15 minutes.

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