Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?

Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?
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17th Mar 2023 12:26

If you own one of the incredible pieces of hardware, you will want to know: does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck? Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival role-playig game set during the zombie apocalypse, that is currently in early access on Steam.

While it's yet to make its way to any other platforms, there is the potential of playing in the Steam Deck, but how does it perform on Valve's handheld computer? Check out our full explainer for if Project Zomboid runs on the Steam Deck.

  • We also have a Project Zomboid beginner guide, which covers various goals you need to set when starting out so you can survive as long as possible. 

Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?

Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?
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According to the game's store page on Steam, Project Zomboid is fully verified and compatible with the Steam Deck, meaning it runs fine on the handheld device.

Being verified for the Steam Deck means four main things: all functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration, the game shows Steam Deck controller icons, the in-game interface text is legible on the Steam Deck, and the game's default graphical configuration performs well on the device. 

Basically, this lets you get Project Zomboid up and running on the Steam Deck without having to alter any settings or mess with the configuration. 

Despite the fact it runs and works well on the Steam Deck, Project Zomboid is the type of game designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. While touchscreen controls definitely help, it's worth noting that using a controller can be a little clunky due to the game's user interface design.

That's all for our answer to the question, does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck? Now you know that it is verified and compatible with the device, but it's still mainly designed for a mouse and keyboard.

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