Project Zomboid Electrical: How to level and use the Electrical skill

Project Zomboid Electrical: How to level and use the Electrical skill
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15th Mar 2023 12:37

The Project Zomboid Electrical skill doesn't seem super important for the first few in-game weeks of survival, but as the electrical grid goes down and you need a new source of power, it turns into a vital skill for surviving. 

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG set during the zombie apocalypse. It has a lot of different mechanics and systems that make it a complex game to learn, and as you continue surviving you will need to change your priorities from finding a safehouse, to securing food and water, to getting a source of electricity. 

So, check out our explainer of the Project Zomboid Electrical mechanic, which covers how to level the skill and what exactly it's used for.

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Project Zomboid Electrical: What is the Electrical skill?

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In Project Zomboid, Electrical is a crafting skill that lets players create small electronic devices and operate generators, so there is a source of power once the overall power grid shuts down.

Increasing your Electrical skill will allow you to craft more electrical items by unlocking more recipes, such as noise-makers, timers, and even motion sensors. You can also gain these recipes from the Electronics Magazine.

To level up the Electronics ability, players need to dismantle various electronic devices that can be found across the map. A screwdriver is required for this - which is one of the easier tools to find - and you also gain small experience from crafting electronic items.

Electrical is also important to the use of vehicles, as having a single level will allow you to perform the Project Zomboid hotwire car mechanic.

When creating your character, choosing the Electrician occupation will let you start with +3 in Electrical, and lets you operate generators early, which can be vital for setting up effective electricity.

The Engineer occupation also gives you a single point in Electric, as well as Carpentry, and allows you to make some traps and explosives that are unique to this occupation. 

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Project Zomboid Electrical: How to use the Electrical skill

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There are too many potential items to dismantle and craft, along with a range of materials that are used for the Electrical skill, so we won't list them all here. However, as a short rundown, communication devices, timers, traps, motion sensors, remote triggers, and upgrades to add to these, all come under the umbrella of Electrical, and are useful for various survival purposes. 

Like most interactions in the game, you need to right-click what object you want to interact with and select the appropriate one.

For example, when dismantling an alarm clock, right-click the object and select the "dismantle" option, and when crafting, make sure you have all the needed items, and right-click one of them, so the available recipes appear, and select which one you need. 

That's all for our Project Zomboid Electrical guide, and now you should be familiar with the types of items you can craft with the skill, and how to level it up consistently.

We also cover the Project Zomboid boarding windows mechanic, which lets you secure your base. 

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