Project Zomboid Sledgehammer location: How to find the Sledgehammer

Project Zomboid Sledgehammer location: How to find the Sledgehammer
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Tarran Stockton


15th Mar 2023 12:09

You will definitely want to know the Project Zomboid Sledgehammer location, as it's not only one of the best weapons in the game, but also a useful tool for getting into inaccessible areas. 

Very few items in Project Zomboid have a set spawn, with randomisation doing a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to the loot you'll find when scavenging. However, there are places where certain items can be found more frequently, meaning you'll want to learn which locations are more like to house the best weapons, tools, and more. 

So, if you need a breakdown of the Project Zomboid Sledgehammer location and need to know how to find this vital tool, we've got you covered.

Project Zomboid Sledgehammer location: What is the Sledgehammer?

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In Project Zomboid, the sledgehammer is a two-handed blunt melee weapon and tool. As a weapon, it has the highest average (and maximum damage) of all melee weapons in the game, but has a long swing time that can leave you vulnerable.

It's also the only weapon that can be used to hit three zombies at once too, but if the player is exhausted, then you cannot swing the hammer until you’ve regained some stamina. 

Outside its use as a deadly weapon, the sledgehammer has excellent utility as a tool. For instance, it can be used to knock down doors and walls, which is a feature exclusive to the sledgehammer, and can chop down trees - though the axe is still better for this function.

While using it to destroy blocks like walls and doors can be loud, it's extremely useful for extending buildings, accessing inaccessible areas, and escaping from tense situations.

Project Zomboid Sledgehammer Location: Where can the Sledgehammer be found?

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There is no set spawn where the sledgehammer will always be found in Project Zomboid, but the loot system is heavily grounded, meaning you'll often find items in places you would find them in real life.

This means that the Project Zomboid sledgehammer can often be found in tool shops, warehouses, sheds, and supply rooms. 

Each of the Project Zomboid starting locations have a construction store which will typically reward you with a sledgehammer, and warehouses are also full of large brown crates which frequently contain one along with other useful tools.

For more suburban areas, you can find the sledgehammer in sheds and supply closets, mostly on shelves or inside tool boxes. 

Another great way to find the Sledgehammer is to travel down major roads until you find potholes or traffic cones. These usually have vans nearby, which sometimes contain a Sledgehammer in the back.

That's all for our Project Zomboid sledgehammer location guide, and now players should know where they can find a sledgehammer and what kind of use it has in-game.

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