How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid
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15th Mar 2023 15:23

You will want to learn how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid, as gas is a key resource that is used for fuelling your cars and electrical generators, allowing you to keep surviving through the apocalypse.

Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival RPG where you are tasked with surviving as long as possible during an undead outbreak. It's mechanically complex and there are many aspects of survival you need to think about, ranging from having enough food and water, to having warm clothes for the Winter.

Having a supply of gas is also imperative if you want to keep the electricity and your vehicle running, so check out how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid.

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid
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Before you can siphon gas in Project Zomboid, you will need to get hold of a Gas Can. This is an item you can use to store, siphon, and transfer gas, making it one of the most important items to find in the early game.

Gas Cans aren't too uncommon, and can be found in multiple places. You can often discover them inside garages or tool sheds in suburban areas, inside boxes in warehouses and storage units, or in the trunks of cars themselves.

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Once you have access to a Gas Can, you can begin siphoning gas to use in cars and generators.

To siphon gas, equip your Gas Can to your primary or secondary slot, and then find a car. Right-click the car and select 'Siphon Gasoline', which will cause you to fill the Gas Can with all the available gas. If you right-click a car and the option doesn't appear, this means there is no gas inside.

How to siphon gas in Project Zomboid fuel pump
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You can also siphon gas from fuel pumps at gas stations, but these only work with an electricity source, meaning you'll need to do it before day 30, or set up a generator to start the electricity back up.

Once you have a full Gas Can, you can either store it for when the gas is needed or use it to fill a car or generator. To do this, right-click the machine that needs gas, and select 'Add Gasoline'. This will transfer all the gas from the Gas Can until the tank is full.

That's all for our explainer of how to siphon gas in Project Zomboid, and now you should be able to collect all the gas you need from cars and fuel pumps.

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