How does Short Sighted work in Project Zomboid?

How does Short Sighted work in Project Zomboid?
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15th Mar 2023 15:31

You may wonder, how does Short Sighted work in Project Zomboid? Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival role-playing game set during a zombie apocalypse that you need to find a way to survive through. 

As an RPG, the game lets players create their own character at the start and kit them out with different positive and negative traits to encourage role-playing, but it's not completely obvious what all of them do. So, check out our explainer of how Short Sighted works in Project Zomboid

How does Short Sighted work in Project Zomboid?

How does Short Sighted work in Project Zomboid?
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Short Sighted is a negative trait that you can select during the character creation screen, and despite the name being fairly self-explanatory, many players seem to think it has no actual effect.

The trait reduces the player's view distance and makes the visibility fade slower, while also providing a -2 debuff to your Project Zomboid Foraging radius when searching. It also gives you +2 points when selected, allowing you to select more positive traits.

Many players who have taken Short Sighted report seeing no visible difference in view distance and visibility fade with and without the trait. This means it either does nothing or so little that the difference is imperceptible.

We can confirm that the Foraging radius reduction is definitely active, but this can be negated by wearing glasses or reading glasses.

Overall, this makes Short Sighted one of the best negative traits in the game, as the actual effects are negligible, and selecting it can get you some extra points to take positive traits or an occupation.

That's all for our explainer of the Short Sighted trait in Project Zomboid, and now you know it's supposed to affect view distance, visibility fade, and Foraging radius.

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