Do zombies respawn in Project Zomboid?

Do zombies respawn in Project Zomboid?
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With a large portion of Kentucky to explore in Project Zomboid, players may wonder if the zombies that die respawn? Project Zomboid is a hardcore survival role-playing game set during the undead apocalypse, where you'll need to scavenge, find shelter, and level your skills to survive.

The game can be particularly brutal, especially with such high numbers of undead that can easily swarm you if you're not careful. So, check out our explainer of whether zombies respawn in Project Zomboid.

Do zombies respawn in Project Zomboid?

By default, zombies do respawn in Project Zomboid; if you don't change the settings, 1% of the total zombie population in a cell (cell being a defined area) will respawn every 72 hours. 

How to change zombie respawn settings

To change the settings related to zombie respawns, you will need to do the following:

  • Select 'Custom Sandbox' in the new game menu
  • Press 'Next'
  • Choose a starting location

You can now alter various settings related to the time, population, meta, and zombies.

Zombie respawn settings in Project Zomboid
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If you select 'Advanced Zombie Options', you will see the options that dictate the zombie population and if they respawn. 

Here are the particular settings you'll want to focus on for changing how zombies respawn, along with a description:

  • Respawn Multiplier - The fraction of a cell's desired population that may respawn every Respawn Hours.
  • Respawn Hours - The number of hours that must pass before zombies may respawn in a cell.
  • Respawn Unseen Hours - The number of hours a chunk must be unseen before zombies may respawn in it.

If you want to stop zombies from respawning completely, you will need to change all the above settings to the value 0. Otherwise, you can increase or decrease it to your liking. 

If you do turn off zombie respawns, I suggest turning the overall zombie population up - which can be done with the Population Multiplier option - to keep the game's challenge and spirit alive.

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