Can Togetic be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Can Togetic be shiny in Pokemon GO?
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21st Mar 2023 16:28

Pokemon GO Community Days increase the encounter rates for the featured Pokemon. The Togetic Community Day is no different. However, can Togetic be shiny in Pokemon GO? Here is all you need to know in this shiny Togetic Pokemon GO guide. 

Can Togetic be shiny in Pokemon GO?

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Fortunately, yes, Togetic can be shiny in Pokemon GO. As confirmed in the Pokemon GO blog post explaining the details of the event, not only will the Togetic Community Day provide you with many more encounters with the Happiness Pokemon, but a higher chance to catch a shiny Togetic as well.

This chance of encountering a shiny Togetic applies to the 4-star Togetic raids available after the initial Community Day as well - from 5PM to 10PM on 15 April.

Instead of the standard 1-in-500 odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon, the Togetic Community Day increases these odds to 1-in-15. So, if you're planning on playing throughout the entire Community Day from 2PM to 5PM, and then the bonus raids from 5PM to 10PM, you'll surely be able to find a Shiny Togetic.

Nevertheless, if you miss the Togetic Community Day completely, you can still get shiny Togetic in Pokemon GO even outside of the event. The only difference though is you'll have to deal with the standard 1-in-500 odds of encountering a shiny after the Community Day.

That's all you need to know thanks to our guide answering "can Togetic be shiny in Pokemon GO?".

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