Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research tasks & rewards

Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research tasks & rewards
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7th Mar 2023 11:26

The Rising Heroes Pokemon GO season is well and truly underway, unlocking new events, Pokemon, exclusive research, and much more. For avatar item fans, a big draw will be the Willows Wardrobe which can give you the means to dress your character like the mobile game's esteemed professor. So, let's get into this Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research guide. 

Willows's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research tasks & rewards

How to get the Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research

willows wardrobe pokemon go time research how to get
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The Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research is available to buy right now at the in-game shop until Thursday, 1 June 2023 at 10AM local time. Available to buy for yourself or as a gift, Willow's Wardrobe will cost you £4.99/$4.99 (or the equivalent price in your local currency). 

Whereas some Timed Research can be completed at any time, you must complete Willows Wardrobe by Friday, 30 June at 10AM local time. Otherwise, you'll miss out on the rewards mentioned below. 

Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO tasks and rewards

willows wardrobe pokemon go time research tasks and rewards
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In order to obtain the Pokemon GO Willow's Wardrobe after purchasing the ticketed Time Research, you'll just need to complete the following tasks in its single step. Not only will you obtain the corresponding rewards with the completion of each task, but additional rewards for completing Willow's Wardrobe altogether, as confirmed by Leek Duck

Task Rewards
Catch 10 Pokemon Professor Willow Goggles
Catch 20 Pokemon Professor Willow Gloves
Catch 30 Pokemon Professor Willow Pants
Catch 40 Pokémon Professor Willow Jacket
Catch 50 Pokémon Professor Willow Boots
Transfer 30 Pokémon
Meltan Candy × 25
Complete all other tasks Melmetal encounter (knows Double Iron Bash Charged Attack), 809 XP, 809 x Stardust

That's all you need to know about the tasks and rewards for the Willow's Wardrobe Pokemon GO Timed Research. For more of what's new in the game, take a look at how to get Tornadus in Pokemon GO. Looking for Hawlucha? Then you can find out how to get Hawlucha in Pokemon GO and if it can be Shiny. 

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