What is Good Sleep Day in Pokemon Sleep? Schedule & bonuses

What is Good Sleep Day in Pokemon Sleep? Schedule & bonuses
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Good Sleep Day is a monthly in-game event in Pokemon Sleep, where players can enjoy all sorts of bonuses like boosts to Drowsy Power, Pokemon Sleep EXP and bonus Sleep Points!

There's no better time to get a good night's rest with the Pokemon sleep-tracking app than during Good Sleep Day, so here's the schedule and a list of bonuses to be aware of.

Pokemon Sleep Good Sleep Day schedule

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Contrary to what the name suggests, Good Sleep Day is actually a 72-hour event in the game.

Sleepy Trainers can look forward to a Good Sleep Day taking place every month, starting at 4am local time the day before the full moon and ending at 3:59am local time three days later.

Good Sleep Days have been held on the dates listed below:

  • August 30 to September 1, 2023
  • September 28 to October 1, 2023

The next Pokemon Sleep Good Sleep Day event will likely begin on October 27, 2023, and conclude on October 30, 2023, but we'll update this article when that gets confirmed.

Pokemon Sleep Good Sleep Day bonuses explained

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The bonuses are what make Good Sleep Day so appealing! Good Sleep Day events in Pokemon Sleep typically offer the following bonuses:

Night of the full moon

  • 2x Drowsy Power
  • 3x Pokemon Sleep EXP
  • 1,000 bonus Sleep Points

Other days

  • 1.5x Drowsy Power
  • 2x Pokemon Sleep EXP
  • 500 bonus Sleep Points

Conduct sleep research during Good Sleep Day to participate in the event and enjoy all these listed bonuses. Start tracking your sleep while the event is happening to activate the bonuses.

  • If you prefer not to have your phone next to you at night, you can instead track sleep with the Pokemon GO Plus+

Pokemon Sleep Good Sleep Day tips

The Good Sleep Day Bundle
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To take full advantage of Good Sleep Day and maximise your progress in Pokemon Sleep, you should combine the bonuses from Good Sleep Day with various types of Incense.

The Good Sleep Day bonuses stack with the effects of Incense, leading to potentially absurd gains of EXP and Dream Shards. Before you conduct sleep research during Good Sleep Day, use Growth Incense, Luck Incense, or Focus Incense to truly capitalise on the event.

If you have spare Diamonds, the General Store during Good Sleep Day usually stocks a Good Sleep Day Bundle. This bundle contains a stash of Great Biscuits and a couple of Growth, Luck, and Focus Incenses.

The Great Biscuits are perfect for befriending all the rare sleep types you encounter during Good Sleep Day, and as we just mentioned, the Incense will net you and your helpers an abundance of EXP.

That's the basics of Good Sleep Day in Pokemon Sleep! Keep an eye on the moon phases and track your sleep during the next full moon to benefit from an array of event-exclusive bonuses.

Stay informed on all things Pokemon, including Pokemon Sleep, right here at GGRecon.

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