Pokemon Sleep Green Snorlax: Can you get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep Green Snorlax: Can you get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep?
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Want to learn more about Green Snorlax and the prospects of Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep? There is some confusion over Green Snorlax and whether the Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep is classified as a Shiny Pokemon. This primer will teach you all you need to know regarding Green Snorlax and Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep.

How to get Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep

You can raise a Green Snorlax on Cyan Beach
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To encounter Green Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep, you must assign your Camp Set to Cyan Beach. Cyan Beach is one of the Research Areas in Pokemon Sleep, and this uniquely-coloured variant of Snorlax is native to the island.

To unlock Cyan Beach, you must Register 20 Sleep Styles in your Sleep Style Dex. After that, wait until Monday, and you will be able to select Cyan Beach as your Research Area.

Almost all the Snorlax on Cyan Beach share green colouring, so they aren't as rare as you might initially think — you just need to visit Cyan Beach!

Is Green Snorlax Shiny in Pokemon Sleep?

Green Snorlax and Shiny Snorlax are different variants of Snorlax.
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Contrary to popular belief, Green Snorlax is not Shiny. Shiny variants of Snorlax are royal blue, not the light green colour of the Snorlax inhabiting Cyan Beach. Also, Shiny Snorlax emits beaming lights and stars the first time you lay eyes on the Sleeping Pokemon. Lastly, Shiny Pokemon, Snorlax included, are extremely rare encounters, whereas Green Snorlax is commonplace on Cyan Beach.

How to get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep

Using E-Zzz Travel Tickets slightly increases your odds of finding Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep
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Encountering Shiny Snorlax in the game comes down to the luck of the draw. There is no way to guarantee a meeting with Shiny Snorlax.

Every Monday in Pokemon Sleep, you will say goodbye to the Snorlax you have been raising for the past seven days and get appointed a new Snorlax to take under your wing. This once-a-week moment wherein you transfer Research Areas and meet a new Snorlax is your sole opportunity to roll the dice and see if you get a Shiny Snorlax. You can find Shiny Snorlax in any Research Area.

If you're dead set on raising a Shiny Snorlax, you can increase your chances slightly by using E-Zzz Travel Tickets. E-Zzz Travel Tickets let you abandon your current Camp Set and relocate to another Research Area whenever you want — not just on Mondays. The more Research Areas you visit and Camp Sets you erect, the better your chances of encountering a Shiny Snorlax.

Can you keep Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep?

This is what Shiny Snorlax looks like in Pokemon Sleep
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As disappointing as it is, you can't keep Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep. Even if you find a Shiny Snorlax, you will have to say your goodbyes to it when the week concludes and it becomes time to establish a new Camp Set. So, enjoy every second you get with Shiny Snorlax!

The silver lining is Shiny Pokemon, like Shiny Snorlax, offer no advantages over regular Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon essentially serve as rare trophies to collect and show off.

If you want to get a closer look at a Green Snorlax, pick Cyan Beach as your next Research Area. And while you can get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep, Green Snorlax and Shiny Snorlax are not the same! Only Trainers with Lady Luck smiling down on them will ever get the chance to raise Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep.

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