Pokemon GO Enamorus weaknesses & best counters to defeat it

Pokemon GO Enamorus weaknesses & best counters to defeat it
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Daniel Megarry


14th Feb 2024 12:54

The Legendary Force of Nature Enamorus is finally making its Pokemon GO debut, so here are its weaknesses and the best counters you can use to beat it.

To coincide with Valentine's Day and the Carnival of Love event, Trainers around the world will be able to battle Incarnate Forme Enamorus in Elite Raids at 12PM, 1PM, 5PM, and 6PM local time on February 14.

This powerful foe won't go down without a fight, though, so I've rounded up all the details you need to take it down and catch one for your collection.

Enamorus weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Enamorus is a Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon, which means it's weak against Electric, Ice, Poison, Rock, and Steel-type attacks. I'd recommend focusing on Rock and Steel-type Pokemon, but any of these will work.

On the other hand, Enamorus is resistant to Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fighting, Grass, and Ground-type attacks, so avoid using those where possible.

Best counters for Enamorus

Here are some of the top counters you can use to defeat Enamorus in Pokemon GO:

Pokemon Moveset Sprite
Mega Diancie Rock Throw & Stone Edge
Mega Diancie
Click to enlarge
Mega Tyranitar Smack Down & Stone Edge
Mega Tyranitar
Click to enlarge
Mega Manectric Thunder Fang & Wild Charge
Mega Manectric
Click to enlarge
Zekrom Charge Beam & Wild Charge
Click to enlarge
Xurkitree Thunder Shock & Discharge
Click to enlarge
Nihilego Poison Jab & Sludge Bomb
Click to enlarge
Metagross Bullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Click to enlarge
Magnezone Spark & Wild Charge
Click to enlarge
Electivire Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
Click to enlarge
Galarian Darmanitan Ice Fang & Avalanche
Galarian Darmanitan
Click to enlarge
Rampardos Smack Down & Rock Slide
Click to enlarge
Excadrill Metal Claw & Iron Head
Click to enlarge

Don't worry if you don't have any of the Pokemon listed above - as long as you've got some strong Pokemon that can target Enamorus' weaknesses and you team up with a decent group of Trainers, you should be fine!

Remember that Mega Evolutions boost the attack power of other Pokemon that are the same type, which is why Mega Diancie, Mega Manectric, and Mega Tyranitar are so useful in this situation.

Can Enamorus be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

The bad news is that Shiny Enamorus is currently unavailable in Pokemon GO.

It's very rare for Niantic to debut a new Pokemon alongside its Shiny variation, so you'll have to make do with the regular one for now. I'll keep you updated when Shiny Enamorus makes its debut right here.

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That's everything you need to know to defeat Enamorus! Visit our Pokemon homepage for more guides, like the best Great League team, the upcoming Spotlight Hours, and the latest promo codes.

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