Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule (October 2023)

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule (October 2023)
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29th Sep 2023 12:10


As a major weekly event in Pokemon GO, knowing the full schedule for each Spotlight Hour is ideal if you want to catch as many of the featured Pokemon as possible to farm Candy and get specific bonuses.

Like when keeping up with the PokeStop Showcase schedule, knowing the starring Pokemon of every Spotlight Hour always gives you a chance to prepare and get the most out of the bonuses on offer.

Without further ado, let's get into the next Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour along with the schedule for the rest of October 2023.

When is the next Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour? 

Slowpoke, the next featured Pokemon in the GO Spotlight Hour in October 2023
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As confirmed on the Pokemon GO Adventures Abound season calendar, the next Spotlight Hour will be for Slowpoke, taking place on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, running from 6PM to 7PM local time.

Along with the main bonus of having Slowpoke spawn more frequently during the event, this Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour will feature a 2x Candy bonus for any Pokemon transferred within the hour.

Can Slowpoke be shiny in Pokemon GO?

The Slowpoke and shiny Slowpoke sprites in Pokemon GO
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Fortunately, yes, Slowpoke can be shiny in Pokemon GO. So, whilst you're out exploring in the game, coming across a shiny Slowpoke is definitely a possibility.

Even though shiny Slowpoke is available in Pokemon GO, the Spotlight Hour doesn't increase your likelihood of encountering the different-coloured variant. Although Spotlight Hours do boost the wid spawn rate of the featured Pokemon, the standard shiny encounter rate of 1-in-500 remains the same.

So, if you really want a shiny Slowpoke in Pokemon GO, you're going to have to catch as many as you can to have the highest chance of encountering one. Our best advice is to use an Incense, tap on as many Slowpoke as possible, and ignore any non-shinies as you'll only be wasting time catching them.

Alternatively, be sure to keep an eye out for a potential Slowpoke Community Day. Not only does this type of event normally highlight the shiny version of the featured Pokemon, but the odds of encountering one also go up - from 1-in-500 to 1-in-25.

Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO schedule (October 2023)

Shroomish, Slowpoke, Pumpkaboo, Yamask, and Phantump - all in the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule in October 2023
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The full Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule for October 2023 can be found below, including all dates, times, and the bonuses you'll be able to enjoy:

Date Spotlight Pokemon Time Bonus Can it be shiny?
October 3 Slowpoke 6PM to 7PM local time 2 x Candy when transferring Pokemon Yes
October 10


6PM to 7PM local time 2 x XP when evolving Pokemon Yes
 October 17 Pumpkaboo 6PM to 7PM local time 2 x XP when catching Pokemon Yes
October 24 Phantump 6PM to 7PM local time 2 x XP when catching Pokemon No
October 31 Yamask 6PM to 7PM local time  2 x Candy when catching Pokemon Yes

Featuring Slowpoke, Shroomish, Pumpkaboo, Phantump, and Yamask, there's definitely a spooky theme going on during the latter half of the month to fit in with Halloween, and I personally love it. 

Check back regularly for continuous updates with the next Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO.

How to get ready for every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Lucky Egg, Incense, Stardust, Lure Module, Pinap Berry, and Razz Berry - which you should use in the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour events in September 2023
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In order to make the most of the brief one-hour window during every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, you should also stock up on essential items that can further boost the bonuses you'll get:

  • Lucky Eggs to double XP for 30 minutes each
  • Star Pieces to double Stardust for 30 minutes each
  • Incenses to attract more Pokemon encounters to you for 60 minutes
  • Lure Modules to attract more Pokemon to a nearby PokeStop for 30 minutes
  • Pinap Berries to double Candy for a Pokemon - increasing the amount for the featured Pokemon in a Spotlight Hour
  • Razz Berries to increase the likelihood of catching a Pokemon - increasing the amount you can catch in a Spotlight Hour

If you miss the 60-minute Spotlight Hour, you'll still be able to catch the featured monsters in Pokemon GO as normal - albeit with the standard wild encounter rate, which can be quite low.

That's all you need to know about the current Spotlight Hour schedule for October 2023.

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