Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances & best counters

Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances & best counters
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28th Sep 2023 10:22


Fairy-type Pokemon might look adorable, but they can be a nightmare to defeat if you don’t know what their weaknesses and resistances are.

As most Trainers know, every Pokemon has an elemental type, and every elemental type has its own weaknesses and resistances. This is a key thing to get your head around if you want to win Pokemon battles and become a champion.

While some Pokemon have obvious weaknesses - like Grass-type Pokemon being weak to scorching Fire-type attacks - others aren’t so clear. Fairy-type Pokemon, in particular, can be confusing when it comes to their weaknesses and resistances.

So whether you’re fighting a Sylveon in Pokemon Go or a Dachsbun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll find all the information you need to take down Fairy-type creatures below.

Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses

The Fairy-type Pokemon Clefairy appearing in Pokemon GO
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Fairy-type Pokemon are typically vulnerable to Poison and Steel-type attacks, so focus on Pokemon that have access to these attacks when heading into battle.

Remember that dual-type Fairy Pokemon might not have these weaknesses. A good example of this is the Fairy/Steel-type Tinkaton, which is actually vulnerable to Fire and Ground-type attacks instead.

Fairy-type Pokemon resistances

In terms of resistances, you’ll want to avoid using Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks when facing off against Fairy-type Pokemon as they’ll take reduced damage from these moves.

Alongside those resistances, Fairy-type Pokemon are usually immune to Dragon-type attacks in the mainline games, so it's not even worth trying to use those as they won't do anything.

Finally, be aware that Fairy-type attacks are strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type Pokemon.

Similar to what we said earlier, dual-type Pokemon might have different resistances and immunities to the ones listed above, so be sure to look up the individual Pokemon and check their specific resistances.

Best counters to defeat Fairy-type Pokemon

Some examples of top counters you can use to beat Fairy-type opponents are Dialga, Nihilego, Excadrill, Victreebel, and Metagross. Remember they'll need to have movesets that target your opponent's weaknesses.

While the optimal counters you can use against Fairy-types might vary depending on the specific Pokemon you're up against, it's generally a safe bet to use strong Steel or Poison-types like the ones mentioned above.

Now you know what Fairy-type Pokemon are weak to, check out our ranking of the best Pokemon games or visit our Pokemon homepage for the latest news and guides.

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