Best moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon GO & is it any good?

Best moveset for Reshiram in Pokemon GO & is it any good?
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1st Dec 2023 16:44


The best Reshiram moveset in Pokemon GO has been on the minds of players with its Raid as part of the new season, making them also wonder if the legendary is any good. 

Fortunately, we've figured out the answers to both questions for you after considering the Unova legendary's learnable moves in the game. Read on to see the best Reshiram moveset and if it is any good in Pokemon GO for PvP. 

Best Reshiram moveset in Pokemon GO

For PvP, as well as Gym and Raid battles, the best Reshiram moveset in Pokemon GO is Fire Fang for its Fast Move and Fusion Flare for its Charge Move. 

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Out of the two Fast Moves it can learn, the other being Dragon Breath, Fire Fang is the better choice for Reshiram given its higher EPS and DPS (stats for Energy Per Second and Damage Per Second respectively). 

As for Charge Moves, Fusion Flare is your best choice in the Reshiram moveset. Not only is this Reshiram's signature move, Fusion Flare ultimately has the highest DPS versus the Energy needed for each use - as well as having STAB damage. 

However, if you're after type coverage to counter Dragon types, Draco Meteor is an effective alternative Charge move as well. However, keep in mind that you'll only be able to re-learn Fusion Flare with an Elite TM. 

Is Reshiram any good in Pokemon GO?

In general, Reshiram is definitely good if you're after a decent STAB Fire-type attacker in both PvP and Raid or Gym battles, though there are better alternatives in Pokemon GO like Mega Y Charizard or Mega Blaziken.

However, as those alternates may be out of reach if you don't have enough Mega Energy, Reshiram is still great for taking down high-ranking Ultra League opponents like Registeel, Steelix, or Cobalion. 

On the other hand, if it's a STAB Dragon-type you want, there are plenty of better-performing options like its Unovan counterpart Zekrom, Palkia, Rayquza, or even the latter's Mega Evolution. 

All moves Reshiram can learn in Pokemon GO

If you'd like to experiment with other Reshiram builds, here is the full list of moves it can learn in Pokemon GO: 

Move Category
Dragon Breath Fast Move
Fire Fang  Fast Move
Stone Edge Charge Move
Overheat Charge Move
Crunch Charge Move
Draco Meteor Charge Move
Fusion Flare Charge Move

With that, you know everything about the best Reshiram moveset and if it's any good in Pokemon GO.

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