How to complete Pokemon GO Carnival of Love Collection Challenge

How to complete Pokemon GO Carnival of Love Collection Challenge
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Daniel Megarry


13th Feb 2024 12:37

The Carnival of Love Collection Challenge requires you to catch and evolve a variety of creatures in Pokemon GO, so here's how you can find them all in the game.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Pokemon GO is holding the Carnival of Love event. As well as the debut of Shiny Oricorio and the ability to give Furfrou a Heart Trim, there's also a Collection Challenge to complete!

Carnival of Love Collection Challenge explained

Here are all of the Pokemon you need to catch to complete the Carnival of Love Collection Challenge:

Pokemon How to find it What it looks like
Quaxly Spawns in the wild
Click to enlarge
Quaxwell Evolve a Quaxly with 25 Candy
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Quaquaval Evolve a Quaxwell with 100 Candy
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Snubbull Spawns in the wild & Field Research reward
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Granbull Evolve a Snubbull with 50 Candy
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Skitty Spawns in the wild
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Delcatty Evolve a Skitty with 50 Candy
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Stufful Spawns in the wild & Field Research reward
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Luvdisc Spawns in the wild & Field Research reward
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Furfrou Spawns in the wild & Field Research reward
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If you manage to complete this Collection Challenge, you'll be rewarded with 5000 XP, 2500 Stardust, and a Roserade encounter.

The most difficult Pokemon to get here will likely be Quaquaval, as you'll need a total of 125 Candy to evolve a Quaxly into its final evolution. Remember to use Pinap Berries to get a Candy boost when catching Quaxly.

I'm just glad we don't need to evolve Stufful to complete this challenge...

You've got until February 15, 2024, at 8PM local time to work your way through the Carnival of Love Collection Challenge and claim your rewards, so there's not long to go!

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