Pokemon GO April 6 Raid changes explained

Pokemon GO April 6 Raid changes explained
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4th Apr 2023 14:44

Remote Raids have been a part of Pokemon GO since 2020. Now, some new Pokemon GO raid changes are coming to the feature of the hit mobile game. So, let's get into the full list of Pokemon GO April 6 changes to Remote Raids.

Pokemon GO April 6 Raid changes explained

pokemon go april 6 raid changes
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In order to "rebalance the game", as explained in the official Pokemon GO blog post, to following Pokemon GO Remote Raid changes will be taking place on Thursday, 6 April at 11AM PDT - regarding pricing, Remote Raid participation limits, Remote Raid Passes, and Candy XL. 

Pricing changes

  • The Remote Raid Pass three-pack will go up in price to 525 PokeCoins
  • The single Remote Pass will go up in price to 195 PokeCoins
  • The Premium Battle Pass three-pack will become available in the Shop, priced at 250 PokeCoins

Remote Raid participation limit changes

  • Each player can only take part in five Remote Raids max per day
  • This five-per-day cap for Remote Raids may change during special events

Remote Raid Passes changes

  • Remote Raid Passes will now be potential rewards for Research Breakthroughs
  • Any Remote Raid Passes earned as a reward for Research Breakthroughs will still count towards a player's inventory limit of three Remote Raid Passes at a time
  • If a player earns a new Remote Raid Pass whilst already carrying the inventory limit of three, said player will instead receive a Premium Battle Pass
  • If you currently have up to two Remote Raid Passes in your inventory, you can still purchase the Remote Raid Pass three-pack - to hold a total of five. 

Candy XL

  • Any player who participates in a five-star raid in person will earn additional Candy XL

Since Remote Raids have become a favourite way to play Pokemon GO since their introduction, these changes with price increases and caps may be a frustration for regular players.

Nevertheless, the game's team further clarifies that these were not taken lightly and "is necessary for the long-term health of the game. 

That's all you need to know about the Pokemon GO April 6 Raid changes. 

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