How To Rank Up Fast In Overwatch 2

How To Rank Up Fast In Overwatch 2
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17th Oct 2022 16:47

Do you want to rank up fast in Overwatch 2? When it comes to ranking up in Overwatch 2, it’s all about practice, mentality, and knowing the best heroes to play on a certain patch. While it would be nice for the balance of the game to be in a state where all heroes are strong, right now there are a few characters that are just way too overtuned to pass up. If you practice and learn to play these heroes efficiently, you’re more than likely able to take your ranked games into your own hands and soar in tiers. So, here's how you can rank up fast in Overwatch 2.

Rank Up Fast In Overwatch 2: Damage

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Right now, Sojourn is the best overall Damage hero in the game. Overtuned to the point where many pros complain about her being broken, she exudes massive amounts of damage with considerably high mobility. She’s essentially a more mobile Widowmaker because a fully charged railgun headshot obliterates anyone that isn’t a tank. 

Really, the best way to kill a Sojourn is to outduel her or get on top of her, leaving only Genji or another Sojourn as the best way to answer this hero. Getting good at Sojourn is an excellent way to rise the ranks of ranked and become a dominant force in the server. 



Another extremely overturned hero in the game is Sombra. Currently, she just does way too much for too little risk. Her Hack from Invisibility gives little time to react at even the top ranks, and one missed cooldown could spell death for a hacked Hero if a Sombra lands her shots. She’s just insanely oppressive. She has unparalleled map presence due to her infinite Translocator duration and her Hack being so strong with such a low cast time, she’s just way too much to handle right now. 

Essentially, Sombra counters every hero in the game with her Invis-Hack, and her EMP is a strong team fight ultimate as well. Not to mention the mental damage you cause when you’re constantly hacking and harassing people from invisibility, or picking off someone who’s out of position. Her playstyle has no inherent weaknesses to it and learning to play Sombra more than likely means free wins for you. 

Rank Up Fast In Overwatch 2: Tank

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D.Va is one of the strongest tanks in the game, possibly even stronger than she ever was in Overwatch 1. Currently, she has an insanely high health pool with lots of armour, and her Defense Matrix feels like it lasts forever. She was always a great duelist against other heroes, but now she does so much damage, she can obliterate a backline almost singlehandedly. Her boosters also allow her to have a ton of versatility and mobility, so she has a lot to offer for any lineup.


Zarya is another insanely overtuned hero to the point of being oppressive. She’s still the high-damage powerhouse she was before, but she has so much survivability that she’s almost too much to handle. She can enable a choking/fast-paced tempo that can be tough to overcome. 

She’s a bit of a catch-22 hero in Overwatch 2 because of her bubbles. They last for a considerably long time at 2.5 seconds, meaning you either make the decision to burst through the bubble and give her more damage to take space with, or you ignore the bubble but still allow the Zarya to take free space anyway. She’s insanely difficult to deal with in the hands of anyone good with her, so practice and learn this hero if you want to help steamroll through the enemy. 

Rank Up Fast In Overwatch 2: Support

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At this point, it’s too early to say how effective Kiriko is as a support, as she’s coming live into ranked this week for the first time. However, what is apparent is that she rewards players with mechanical skills to take advantage of her. 

The best Kiriko’s make aggressive plays alongside their DPS. They take off-angles and survive long enough to take advantage of her teleport. She’s very strong in the right hands, but keep in mind that being such a new hero will require a lot of time and practice to master. However, if you can begin to understand her better than your opponents, your efforts will be rewarded immensely. 

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Sebastian is an avid esports fanatic, a freelance journalist for GGRecon, and holds a huge passion for the Overwatch and Dota 2 scenes.

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