Is MW2 Shoot The Ship Playlist Coming Back?

Is MW2 Shoot The Ship Playlist Coming Back?
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Coleman Hamstead


26th Jan 2023 17:22

Is the MW2 Shoot the Ship playlist coming back? Since its debut in Modern Warfare 2019, the Shoot the Ship playlist has been a fan favourite, and that sentiment remains in Modern Warfare 2. But with Infinity Ward constantly shuffling the playlists, players are wondering if the MW2 Shoot the Ship playlist is coming back.

Is MW2 Shoot The Ship Playlist Coming Back?

To the excitement of players everywhere, Infinity Ward introduced the classic Shoot the Ship playlist to MW2 following the launch of Season 01. However, after some time, Infinity Ward decided to remove the Shoot the Ship playlist in favour of playlists dedicated solely to either just Shoot House or just Shipment.

This didn't go over well with much of the community, as many players enjoyed the variety that Shoot the Ship offers. It can get boring playing the same map over and over, so it's nice to swap back and forth between the two close-quarters favourites.

Ever since Infinity Ward removed the Shoot the Ship playlist, everyone's been asking, "is the MW2 Shoot the Ship playlist coming back?" Well, the answer is a resounding "yes!"

The results of an Infinity Ward Twitter poll on January 24, 2023, asking the community if they'd prefer Shoot the Ship, Shipment, or Shoot House, made it clear that Shoot the Ship was in heavy demand. So, a day later, on January 25, 2023, Shoot the Ship was reintroduced into MW2.

For the time being, the MW2 Shoot the Ship playlist is back, much to the benefit of Camo grinders. Things may change as we near the MW2 Season 2 release date, so enjoy it while you can!

Is MW2 Tier 1 Shoot The Ship Playlist Coming Back?

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For whatever reason, to the dismay of Tier 1 enthusiasts, the MW2 Tier 1 Shoot the Ship playlist is still missing. Perhaps Infinity Ward will introduce a Hardcore Shoot the Ship playlist when MW2 Hardcore Mode launches with Season 02, but for now, fans of the unforgiving and realistic Tier 1 gameplay are out of luck.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward heard the community loud and clear, and this is the last time anyone has to ask if MW2 Shoot the Ship is coming back.

Fans of fast-paced, non-stop action will be happy to learn that a Warzone 2 Resurgence map is on its way!

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