Where To Find Vintage Wine Bottles In MW2 DMZ

Where To Find Vintage Wine Bottles In MW2 DMZ
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25th Jan 2023 10:44

Are you struggling to find Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ? Progressing the different faction missions in MW2 DMZ is challenging as they often ask you to find and exfil items that either have a random spawn or are hard to get. One such faction mission in MW2 DMZ is Vintage Connoisseur, where the most daunting part is finding Vintage Wine Bottles. Keep reading our guide as we share details on where you can find Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ mode.

Where To Find Vintage Wine Bottles In MW2 DMZ

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In MW2 DMZ mode, you can find Vintage Wine Bottles in refrigerators and cabinets. The spawn is random, but there are specific locations around the Al Mazrah map where you can find the Vintage Wine Bottles in a few runs.

The Sawah Hotel is the first location where the chances of obtaining Vintage Wine Bottles are the highest. If you haven't visited Sawah Hotel till now, it is a white building with a Hotel board located right of the circular platform.

Here is a map screenshot that shares the exact location of Sawah Hotel:

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That aside, if you have the key to Sawah Hotel Room 302, unlock and search the room, as it offers high-tier loot and sometimes spawns Vintage Wine Bottles.

Another great location with a high chance of spawning Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ is the Burger Town and Yum Yum buildings in Al Mazrah City.

Both offer fridges and containers that spawn Vintage Wine Bottles and other quest items. If you don't know where to find these two buildings, you can reference the map screenshots below.

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The Vintage Connoisseur is a Tier 3 Black Mous faction mission where you must complete the following challenges to receive a Double Weapon XP Token and +10,000 XP:

  • Deliver 20 Wine Bottles at any dumpster dead drop
  • Deliver 11 Aged Wine Bottles to any dumpster dead drop
  • Extract 3 Vintage Wine Bottles

You already know where to look for Vintage Wine Bottles, and as for the normal Wine Bottles and Aged Wine Bottles, you can find them in the exact location as Vintage Wine Bottles and also in fridges and cabinets inside regular buildings.

That concludes our guide on where to find Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ. For more on MW2 DMZ, keep reading GGRecon.

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