DMZ MRAP key: Map location & how to get

DMZ MRAP key: Map location & how to get
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9th Aug 2023 15:25

Even if you stumble across an MRAP in DMZ Mode, you can't unlock it without an MRAP Key. Shadow Company is aware of the potential of these behemoths, so they've assigned aspiring members the DMZ task of commandeering an MRAP. This primer explains step-by-step how to complete the Abandoned Vehicle Mission, including how to get the MRAP Key and where to find the MRAP in DMZ.

How to get the MRAP Key in DMZ

Your best bet is to buy the MRAP Key for $200,000 Cash
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There are a couple of different ways to get the MRAP Key in DMZ. 

If you're really lucky, you can happen upon an MRAP Key while looting around Al Mazrah, but they are extremely rare finds. Even Strongholds and the US Embassy don't typically have MRAP Keys stashed away.

The only reliable method of obtaining the MRAP Key during a trip to the Exclusion Zone is to purchase it from a Buy Station. However, the MRAP Key is among the most expensive items in DMZ, costing a whopping $200,000 Cash.

If you're a DMZ vet, you probably have some Cash lying around already that you can bring in with your Wallet. By default, the Wallet holds $100,000, but you can upgrade the Wallet's capacity by increasing your Reputation Level with White Lotus and Crown and completing select Upgrade Menu tasks.

Accumulating enough Cash to buy the MRAP Key in a single trip to Al Mazrah will be difficult, so bring in as much Cash as you are able to. If you need more Cash, loot a few POIs and complete Contracts until you acquire $200,000 total. Making Cash in DMZ is a lot easier with teammates, so if you're low on Cash, try getting a few friends to help!

Once you get your hands on the elusive MRAP Key, next you must commander an abandoned MRAP.

  • Safes usually contain plenty of Cash

Where to find the MRAP vehicle in DMZ

Look around on the Tac-Map to find a MRAP on Al Mazrah
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MRAPs are monstrous vehicles with tons of armour, a variety of turrets, and smoke countermeasures. Every time you visit Al Mazrah, there'll be a few MRAPs stationed at different locations on the map.

To best find an MRAP in the game's DMZ Mode, you should open your Tac-Map and look for the MRAP symbol. You can find all kinds of vehicles across Al Mazrah, so be sure you identify the correct marker. If you're unsure, hover over the symbol and ping it to reveal the type of vehicle it represents.

Once you know where an MRAP is, make your way there quickly before another squad sets their sights on commandeering it. When you get to the beaut, unlock it with the MRAP Key and hop inside to take control of the MRAP and complete the Abandoned Vehicle Mission for Shadow Company.

Finishing the Abandoned Vehicle Mission for Shadow Company will net you 100 Shadow Company rep, a Double Weapon XP Token, and 5,000 XP.

Whether you're after an MRAP for Shadow Company or just want one for personal use, you will need to first find or buy an MRAP Key to gain access to the high-powered vehicle in DMZ.

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