Completing the Black Box mission in DMZ

Completing the Black Box mission in DMZ
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31st Aug 2023 14:40

Black Box is one of the latest DMZ missions introduced as a part of the Season 5 Reloaded update. It’s a tier 3 DMZ mission for the Shadow Company faction, which requires you to download data from the black box and take down a certain number of enemies in the Sattiq Caves Complex.

The Black Box mission rewards players with a skeleton key upon completion, which can be used to open locked rooms, boxes, and strongholds that require specific keys to access. With that said, here’s a detailed guide to completing the Black Box mission in DMZ.

How to complete the Black Box mission

To complete the Black Box mission, you must accomplish the following objectives in DMZ mode:

  • Download the data from the crashed plane's Black Box.
  • Kill 10 enemies in the Sattiq Caves Complex in the same deployment.
  • Extract with the Black Box data in the same deployment.

Where to find the Black Box in the crashed plane

Black Box location in DMZ
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To start off, find the crashed plane located in the Sattiq Caves Complex on the Al Mazrah map. We’ve also marked the exact location of the crashed plane in the above image. Once you spot the plane, make your way to its cockpit area to find the Black Box.

Interact with Black Box to download the data
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Next, you’ll need to interact with Black Box to download the data, which will roughly take a few seconds. Meanwhile, you’ll encounter several tier 3 enemies near the crashed plane, and you have to take down 10 enemies in total to complete the second part of the mission.

How to kill 10 enemies in the Sattiq Caves Complex

It’s important to remember that only Konni soldiers' eliminations will count towards the mission objectives. It also seems like the developers have buffed the soldiers following the release of the Season 5 reloaded update. Therefore, make sure you have all the valuable resources to fight effectively against them.

Once the data download is completed, head to the near exfill and extract the data in the same deployment to complete the Black Box mission. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be rewarded a skeleton key along with 10k XP for your efforts.

That’s it for our DMZ Black Box mission guide. Before leaving, make sure to check out special Backpacks and Plate Carriers you can unlock via the Upgrade Menu in DMZ.

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