Where To Find Basilisk In MW2 DMZ

Where To Find Basilisk In MW2 DMZ
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5th Jan 2023 12:05

To complete the MW2 DMZ mode Tier 1 White Lotus Faction mission, Badge of Honor, you must know where to find Basilisk in MW2 DMZ. It is a handgun-type weapon, a revolver, to be more specific, with high damage, slow fire rate, and outstanding accuracy. Keep reading our guide as we share the best locations where you can find Basilisk in MW2 DMZ

Where To Find Basilisk In MW2 DMZ

Like any other weapon in MW2 DMZ mode, you will find Basilisk all around the Al Mazrah map from Duffle Bags, containers, boxes, ground loot, and other such options. 

You can increase your chances of finding the Basilisk handgun by exploring any or all Police Stations around Al Mazrah. They have a very high spawn rate for the Basilisk handgun. 

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We often found the Basilisk on shelves and containers found inside the Al Mazrah City police station. But many players found them in the Mawizeh Marshlands Police Station. So, you don't have to focus on a particular Police Station. 

When you are in a DMZ match, make your way to the nearest police station, take out the elite enemies and then search the entire station for the Basilisk. 

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If after a thorough search you can still not find the Basilisk, then you can move on to the next Police Station. If you find one, equip it and take out 13 enemies with Headshots to complete the Badge of Honor mission. 

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In case you are not familiar with the Badge of Honor Faction mission in MW2 DMZ, it has the following challenges that you must complete to earn 5000 XP and the Basilisk Contraband:

  • Acquire a Basilisk, commonly found in police stations
  • Kill 13 enemies with headshots using a Basilisk

Apart from the above ways of acquiring the Basilisk in MW2 DMZ mode, you can also reach account level 39 to unlock the Basilisk account-wide and add it to your Insured Weapon Slot

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Once that is done, you can equip it via the Edit Loadout option before heading into a DMZ match. If you are near reaching account Level 39, acquiring the Basilisk may prove easier than searching for it inside Police Stations during matches. 

That concludes our guide on where to find Basilisk in MW2 DMZ mode. For more on MW2 DMZ, keep reading GGRecon. 

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