Where is the Bomb Maker in DMZ? Location, how to beat & rewards

Where is the Bomb Maker in DMZ? Location, how to beat & rewards
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22nd Sep 2023 14:39

The Bomb Maker is a difficult enemy to take down in DMZ. He's hidden away on one of the DMZ maps and has a lot of defences preventing you from easily reaching him.

This guide will show you the exact location of the Bomb Maker in Call of Duty's DMZ mode and how you can beat him. You'll get some nice rewards for defeating him, so keep reading to find out where to find the Bomb Maker and what you can get from him in the game.

Where to find the Bomb Maker in DMZ

Tsuki Castle, where the Bomb Maker can be found in DMZ.
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You can find the Bomb Maker on Ashika Island in DMZ. This is the smallest of the DMZ maps, and is the only based on a Japanese island.

Specifically, you can find the Bomb Maker in Tsuki Castle. He's located on the top floor of the castle, and he's hidden behind lots of defences including sentry guns, mines, claymores and trip wires. It's recommended that you take care of these or avoid them in order to reach him.

He also has a Wheelson-HS that you have to destroy and hack to enter the castle. After doing so, an alarm will trigger upon you and your squad entering Tsuki Castle. Reinforcements will appear to make taking him out even harder.

Work together with your squad to take out any defences along the way and watch out for other players. Ashika Island is a small map, and other players will be able to reach the castle quickly regardless of where they might be.

DMZ Bomb Maker rewards

Ashika Island, where the Bomb Maker can be found in DMZ.
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If you're able to fight through the Bomb Maker's defences in DMZ and take him out, you'll be rewarded with a variety of goodies.

Firstly, you'll get the Weapons Case which you need to extract via helicopter. These will give you a different reward each time depending on how many Weapons Cases you've already extracted in the past. Everyone else on the map will be able to see that you have the Weapons Case as soon as the boss is defeated.

You'll also get the Crossbow, an M4, a Comms Plate Carrier, the Bomb Maker's Screwdriver and Missile intel. That's quite the hoard!

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