How to complete the Wings Clipped mission in DMZ

How to complete the Wings Clipped mission in DMZ
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7th Sep 2023 12:44

You may want to know how to complete the Wings Clipped mission in DMZ.

The DMZ mode in Call of Duty has a variety of missions for players to take on across different maps. Some of them are extremely easy while some of them require a bit more thinking. The Wings Clipped mission is one of the missions given by the new Shadow Company faction.

So, keep on reading below on how to complete the Wings Clipped mission in the game.

How to complete the Wings Clipped mission in DMZ

The Wings Clipped mission is a Tier 1 mission for the Shadow Company faction. The single objective for this mission is:

  • Kill 3 reinforcement helicopters on Ashika Island.

While it may sound easy, this one is quite tricky to complete. Keep on reading this guide to find out how.

How to find reinforcement helicopters on Ashika Island in DMZ

If you're an avid DMZ player, you are probably familiar with the reinforcement helicopters that spawn from time to time around the maps. These are marked as red helicopters and bring in a bunch of enemies when there is enough chaos.

You will need to take out three of these while on Ashika Island to complete the objective. 

How to destroy reinforcement helicopters on Ashika Island in DMZ

DMZ reinforcement helicopters
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There are a couple of ways you can approach this mission. The first way is to equip yourself with a launcher, particularly the RPG or the JOKR. If you're with a squad, make sure the others have a launcher too. When you spot a reinforcement helicopter spawning aim and shoot and you will take it out.

These helicopters generally do not take a long time to spawn when you start shooting around, especially if you are hostile towards the Shadow Company soldiers themselves.

DMZ Sam Site
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Another way is to secure a SAM site, which will trigger an event where you will have to protect it from enemies. These will also include reinforcement helicopters which the SAM site can take out when secured. This is probably the more convenient method as it doesn't require you to take out the helicopters yourself.

That is all you need to know regarding the Wings Clipped mission in DMZ.

Our dedicated DMZ hub has everything related to the popular mode so be sure to check that out as well.

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