How to complete the Vigilante mission in DMZ

How to complete the Vigilante mission in DMZ
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You may want to know how to complete the Vigilante mission in DMZ. The DMZ mode in Call of Duty gets regularly updated with new content including a variety of missions. One of them is the Vigilante mission for the Shadow Company faction.

So, keep on reading below on how to complete the DMZ Vigilante mission in the game.

How do you complete the Vigilante mission in DMZ?

The Vigilante mission is a Tier 4 mission for the Shadow Company faction. The single objective for this faction is:

  • Collect 2 bounties.

Make sure to read this guide on how to complete this single yet tricky objective.

How to find and complete a bounty in DMZ

The objective of collecting two bounties might sound easy but it is quite tricky. A bounty is placed on real players who have killed a lot of other operators on the map.

So, if there is a real player who is killing countless enemies then they are marked as a light red circle on the map. There isn't a guarantee that they will appear since many players tend to kill only when needed. Sometimes, a bounty may never appear in the entirety of the match.

DMZ Bounty location
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If you do find a red-marked circle on the map which is moving, then those are surely bounties. In order to collect the bounties, it is recommended to take a squad as the targeted player may have a squad with them as well. This will certainly make things easier for you when you are collecting bounties. You will have a better chance of finding bounties in Ashika Island and Vondel since they are smaller.

DMZ Vigilante mission Rewards

The reward for completing the Vigilante mission is an FTAC-Recon (Contraband) and 15,000 XP.

That is everything you need to know about the Vigilante mission in DMZ. Be sure to check out the Cargo Keeper mission walkthrough in DMZ as well.

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