How to complete the 'Noisemaker' mission in DMZ

How to complete the 'Noisemaker' mission in DMZ
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You may want to know how to complete the Noisemaker mission in DMZ. The DMZ mode has a wide variety of missions added constantly to keep it fresh and intriguing to players. One of the newer missions is the Noisemaker mission for the Shadow Company faction.

If you're looking to complete this mission in the game, our guide has all the details. Here's how to complete the Noisemaker mission in DMZ.

How do you complete the Noisemaker mission in DMZ?

The Noisemaker mission is a Tier 4 mission for the Shadow Company faction. The objectives of this mission are:

  • Take the decoy grenade from the Sarrif lighthouse.
  • Deliver it to the Observatory dead drop.

Keep on reading our guide on how to complete each objective of the mission.

How to find the decoy grenade in Sarrif Lighthouse

DMZ sarrif lighthouse
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The first part of the objective requires you to go to Sarrif Lighthouse. This is located southwest of Sarrif Bay. There aren't a lot of AI enemies here, so you should be ok.

DMZ Decoy Grenade
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Once you reach the lighthouse, go up the stairs, and you should stumble upon the Volatile Decoy Grenade. It is just above the top floor and is very small. If you haven't found it, then another player might have got it first.

How to find the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop

Zaya Observatory Dead Drop
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The next part of the mission requires you to deliver the grenade to the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop. It is located east of the Observatory, at the F5 coordinates of the map. The dead drop is in between two buildings. Drop the decoy grenade into the dead drop and the mission will be completed.

That is everything you need to know about the Noisemaker mission in DMZ. We also have a guide for the Wings Clipped mission so be sure to check that out as well. 

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