How to complete the 'Pay It Forward' mission in DMZ

How to complete the 'Pay It Forward' mission in DMZ
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2nd Oct 2023 13:34

The Pay It Forward mission in Call of Duty DMZ can be a bit confusing if you're not sure how to complete it. In this guide, we'll rundown each step of the mission and explain exactly what you need to do to get it finished in the game.

This mission is a tier 5 mission for the Shadow Company, so it comes quite late in DMZ. As such, it's a lot more convoluted than some of the earlier missions and might take you some time to complete.

With our guide, though, you should be good to go, so keep reading to find out how to complete the Pay It Forward mission in DMZ.

How to complete 'Pay It Forward'

Firstly, to complete Pay It Forward in DMZ you need to find a disguise to be able to barter for the dog bank. You can find them inside duffle bags or lockers. Then you'll need to kill an enemy squad and collect a single bronze dog tag from one of them to get the Scavenger to spawn.

Once the Scavenger spawns, you need to go to check for the new buy station (check the icons on the map for a slightly different shopping icon). Access the Deployable Buy Station, then use it to trade your Bronze Tag for the defective dog bank.

Next, head to Koschei Complex with your defective dog bank. Head to Factory Admin and place the dog bank in the dead drop there.

Finally, pick up the newly-spawned Konni Intel on the floor and extract it via helicopter. As soon as you successfully exfil you should complete the Pay It Forward mission.

All mission objectives in Pay It Forward in DMZ

Here's a list of all mission objectives you'll have to complete to finish the Pay It Forward mission in DMZ:

  • Barter for the defective dog bank from the Scavenger
  • Deliver the defective dog bank to the Shopkeeper's dead drop in Koschei Complex
  • Extract the classified Konni intel

These steps are all required for the mission to be completed. This mission will also take you to multiple locations, so you won't be able to complete everything in one run.

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