How to get the RGL-80 in MW2 DMZ

How to get the RGL-80 in MW2 DMZ
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3rd Mar 2023 15:12

Are you craving the chance to wield the overpowered RGL-80 in MW2 DMZ? This Launcher is only available in MW2 DMZ, and for a good reason. A weapon this potent would wreak havoc in MW2 Multiplayer or Warzone 2. This guide will go into detail about how to get the RGL-80 in MW2 DMZ.

How to get the RGL-80 in MW2 DMZ

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There is only one way to get the RGL-80 Launcher, and that is to venture into MW2 DMZ Building 21 and commandeer it from Velikan, the Boss of Building 21.

When defeated, Velikan will drop the RGL-80 as Contraband. Exfil with the RGL-80 in your Backpack, and it's yours to keep! This mighty Launcher should serve you well in future trips to Al Mazrah and Building 21. But acquiring it won't be easy, as Building 21 is difficult to get into and even harder to escape.

MW2 DMZ RGL-80: How to get inside Building 21

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To enter Building 21, you will need a Building 21 Access Card. To get one of these precious Access Cards, you must scour Al Mazrah for Orange Supply Boxes and Supply Drops. And if you're lucky, you may stumble upon a Building 21 Access Card.

With a Building 21 Access Card on hand, deploy into the DMZ and select Building 21.

  • You may want to use the MW2 and Warzone 2 Groups feature to recruit some allies before stepping foot into Building 21.

MW2 DMZ RGL-80: Where to find the DMZ Boss Velikan

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Upon entering Building 21, you will find that you only have 13 minutes until radiation begins to seep into the surrounding area. Furthermore, every few minutes, the Protection Level of Building 21 will rise, and so will the number and strength of the AQ Soldiers in Building 21.

Velikan spawns on the top floor of Building 21. However, the doors to the top floor cannot be pried open until the 11-minute mark when the security locks get deactivated.

To get to the top floor of Building 21, you will need to use one of the stairwells in the four corners of the building that are labelled A, B, C, and D. To get to the location where Velikan resides you will want to use the C or D stairwells.

Outside of each stairwell is a map of Building 21. Stairwell C is in the northeast corner of the building while stairwell D is in the southeast corner.

Shortly after the Protection Level rises to LPCON Delta at the 5-minute mark, Velikan will spawn in the Evac Elevator in the hallways between stairwells C and D. Assault Velikan with everything at your disposal until he drops dead to the floor. 

When the Building 21 DMZ Boss Velikan is defeated, he'll drop the highly sought-after RGL-80 Launcher and a Black Keycard. Grab the loot, and feel free to exfil through the same Evac Elevator Velikan popped out of.

Like the MW2 DMZ Chemist, Velikan is quite formidable, so come prepared. If you can manage to accomplish the demanding task of entering Building 21, defeating Velikan, and escaping, you'll be awarded the RGL-80 Launcher, one of the strongest weapons in all of the MW2 DMZ Mode.

Plunder even more loot from Building 21 with an MW2 DMZ Red Access Keycard.

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