How To Find The Chemist In MW2 DMZ

How To Find The Chemist In MW2 DMZ
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Harry Boulton


11th Jan 2023 12:24

There are a lot of great rewards for you if you learn how to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, but it can be tricky in this difficult game mode where you can lose everything at a moment's notice. In addition to other players roaming Al Mazrah, Modern Warfare 2's new extraction-based game mode has various AI foes, some of which will offer a rather significant challenge. So, take a look at our breakdown for finding the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, along with an explainer of what loot he has. 

How To Find The Chemist In MW2 DMZ

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In order to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, you will need to head to the radiation zone, ideally within its central spawn point. It will usually start either in or around one of the MW2 DMZ POIs, and will progressively expand from that point as the raid timer counts down.

You should get an announcement when the Chemist spawns near the start of the raid, letting you know that he has arrived and where his general location is. Then, it is up to you to head into the radiation zone and take him on.

First and foremost you will need a Gas Mask in order to not take any damage when inside the zone, and they can be found in various loot spots across Al Mazrah - although Radioactive Caches are a reliable spawn too.

He is a very tricky enemy to take down though, and is surrounded by a large number of challenging AI guards that will do their best to stop you from eliminating the Chemist. While you can very much take him down solo, heading in with a full squad gives you the best chance of success, especially if you want to secure the rewards he drops after death.

If you're struggling to actually find the Chemist once inside the radiation zone, he conceals himself and his guards with a smoke grenade, so make sure to look out for that as he will either be inside that, or in close proximity.

One other thing you need to contend with is any other players that might also be trying to do the same thing as you, so always keep your eyes and ears peeled for any real-life foes lurking around each corner. You never know, they might even have a fully kitted weapon for you to take back to your loadout screen.

What Does The Chemist Drop In MW2 DMZ?

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Finding out what the Chemist drops in MW2 DMZ is going to give you a big reason to head into the radiation zone and try and take him down. Successfully eliminating the boss-like enemy will give you the M13B Assault Rifle blueprint, which unlocks the gun of the same name across every Modern Warfare 2 game mode.

This is currently the only way to get your hands on the new gun, so expect a lot of people to be competing to kill the Chemist first. Additionally, you do need to make sure that you survive and extract from the raid with the gun in your loadout for it to unlock, as otherwise, you'll have to head back in and get it all over again.

So, that's how to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, with additional information on what you can get for defeating the tough boss.

If you're struggling to actually get out of your raids though, check out our guide for how to extract in MW2 DMZ.

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