MW2 DMZ Key Locations: Where To Use

MW2 DMZ Key Locations: Where To Use
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23rd Nov 2022 17:47

Making yourself aware of all of the MW2 DMZ key locations can come in really handy when you happen to find a stray one out in the wild. Within MW2 DMZ, there are various doors and lootable containers that are secured behind a specific key, and they can be a quick ticket to success in the extraction game mode. So, to see all of the MW2 DMZ key locations that we've found so far, make sure to carry on reading down below.

MW2 DMZ Key Locations

There is an overwhelming number of locked areas and containers scattered around Al Mazrah, so knowing exactly where to go when you manage to find a key is important. The keys themselves unfortunately have random spawns, so you could likely find the key for a door that is on the complete other side of the map. 

As is the case with most items in MW2 DMZ, the keys are unfortunately lost upon death, so you better make it your mission to head straight over if you do happen to find one. Thankfully, the rest of this guide should make the process a whole lot easier, letting you know where you need to head in order to use the key.

Here are all of the MW2 DMZ key locations that we've found so far:

Captains Cache Location

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The Captains Cache key can be used inside the sunken boat that is found roughly in between Sarif Bay and Sawah Village. Head into the main section of the ship and swim underwater for a section and there should be a duffel bag waiting for you.

Ch 7 Editorial Department Location

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In the north side of Al-Mazrah City is the large television building. To find the Ch 7 Editorial Department door, you'll want to head right to the top of the building, which can be done through either the zipwires, or simply by climbing the stairs.

Then, from the top, head down two floors and the door should be there. There are several doors that you can unlock here, but they all lead to the same room.

Chemical Storage Warehouse Location

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South west of the Al Safwa Quarry you can find the locked Chemical Storage Warehouse door. This is pretty easy to spot as it is an exterior building on its own, but you will have to be careful about any surrounding enemies.

Far South Eastern Storage Closet Location

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You can find the Far South Eastern Storage Closet Location in the strip to the east of Mawizeh Marshlands. You will need to search around the building to find the specific door, but it is on the ground floor in the middle of the south west building.

Groundskeeper's Building Location

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The Groundskeeper's Building is located on the western side of Sarrif Bay, just before you cross the bridge to the island. There are plenty of enemies around here though, so you might want to clear the area before using your key.

IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room Location

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Right in the middle of Hadif Port is the IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room locked door. If you keep to the edges of the port you should be able to avoid any enemies, and then once inside the warehouse it is in the south west corner on a raised platform.

North Canals Info Booth Location

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The North Canals Info Booth key can be used on the western side of Al-Mazrah City. It is by a potential extract spot, so you could hypothetically use it just before you head out for an extra guarantee of safety.

Old Lighthouse Citadel Room Location

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At the edge of the peninsula island at Sarrif Bay you can find the Old Lighthouse Citadel Room. It is on the second floor, and next to a wonderful painting of someone steering a ship.

Police Armory Location

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The Police Armory locked door can be found within the police building in Mawizeh Marshlands. The building itself is found to the east by where the river begins to lead into the sea, and the locked door is on the eastern side of the second floor.

Retro Runway Fridge Location

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Right at the end of the Al Malik Airport runway, past the broken section, you can find a locked fridge in the middle of a crater. Using a vehicle is probably your best course of action here.

Rohan Oil South Guard Shack Location

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On the south eastern edge of Rohan Oil you can find the Rohan Oil South Guard Shack. It is its own small building, so is quite hard to miss.

Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Location

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In the cluster of houses between Sattiq Cave Complex and Al Safwa Quarry you can find the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House locked door. It is roughly the middle house of the cluster.

Thief Cache Location

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The Thief Cache can be found in the same sunken ship as the Captains Cache shown earlier on. You will need to do a bit more diving though, and it is slightly further south of the main ship. Be careful to manage your breathing though, as it is very easy to end up drowning.

Under Freeway East Warehouse Location (Mawizeh Marshlands)

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Just north of the police station in Mawizeh Marshlands you can find the Under Freeway East Warehouse locked door. Predictably it is underneath the main freeway, and is a standalone small building.

So, that covers all of the MW2 DMZ key locations that we have found so far, giving you precise details to find some fancy new loot. If you want to know how to find the Chemist in MW2 DMZ, make sure to check out our guide for all the details.

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