Where To Use BC Toolbox Key In MW2 DMZ

Where To Use BC Toolbox Key In MW2 DMZ
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Harry Boulton


16th Jan 2023 11:24

You might be looking for the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox key location if you've got your eyes on some good loot, as there's always something hiding behind a lock on Al-Mazrah. With the amount of keys you'll find in MW2 DMZ, it can often be difficult to pinpoint where exactly they can be used. However, if you're looking specifically for the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox key location then check out the rest of this guide for all of the details.

MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox Location

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In order to find the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox and use the corresponding key, you will first need to head to Al Malik Airport in the south east of Al-Mazrah. Once you're there, head inside the large central airport building from the north entrance.

Once you're inside, you should see a baggage conveyor belt on the left hand side - you will want to head inside the small openings that the luggage comes from. There might be a couple of enemies hanging around here though so make sure that you're alert to the danger.

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Once inside, jump over the internal conveyor belt and you should be able to see a small locked toolbox. Use your MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox key to open it up and enjoy the loot inside.

If you didn't encounter them on the way in, there's a high chance that you will encounter an abundance of AI enemies on your way out of the airport. While perhaps not the most dangerous on their own, they absolutely have strength in numbers and can quickly take you down if you're not careful.

What is Inside the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox?

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As usual, the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox holds a random assortment of high tier loot. It is not guaranteed that you will get something worthwhile every time but it is definitely worth the risk. It even has the chance of spawning other valuable keys, so it could be a good pathway to other loot even if you don't get lucky this time.

So, that wraps up this guide on the MW2 DMZ BC Toolbox key location, giving you all of the directions you'll need to find some good loot. Make sure to check out this MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location guide to learn where to find that spot in Al-Mazrah.

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