Where To Use Cavern Boat Dock Shack Key In MW2 DMZ

Where To Use Cavern Boat Dock Shack Key In MW2 DMZ
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2nd Feb 2023 14:51

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a lot packed into it, but perhaps the most overlooked mode out of everything available is the MW2 DMZ mode. This unique spin on the classic battle royale has teams fighting against AI as well as one another. It can be hectic, and it even has a handful of missions to attempt to complete for extracting.

Amongst everything DMZ has to offer, finding keys is a quick and easy way to secure some decent cash and loot. However, while stumbling across said keys is easy enough, finding where you need to take them is another story. One offender is the Cavern Boat Dock Shack key, and if you’re one of the many struggling to find where it needs to go, here’s exactly the place you need to be.

Where To Find The Cavern Boat Dock Shack In MW2 DMZ

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Firstly, you’ll actually need the Cavern Boat Dock Shack key, but unfortunately, there’s no easy foolproof method to achieve that. Instead, you will come across keys randomly as you explore the map, with this being one of them. We recommend opening every container and searching every building if you’re desperate to find it.

Once you have obtained one, your next port of call is to find the Cavern Boat Dock Shack. This is easier said than done, but you’re going to want to visit the place shown below on the map, which is located on the grid reference D5:

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Make your way here and then your next port of call will be to find a way into the cavern itself. To save you time fumbling about and risking death in the process, it can be accessed by going to the position mark on the DMZ map below:

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Here, you’ll run into a fair few AI enemies, so be sure to be fully stocked up on ammunition and healing items, if needed. Take it slow and kill everyone in your path, until you stumble across a shack inside this cavern. With your key, use it to unlock the shack and grab the goodies inside. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll now know where to go to visit the Cavern Boat Dock Shack in future instances of Warzone 2’s DMZ mode.

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