Where To Use Zaya Radar Dome Key In MW2 DMZ

Where To Use Zaya Radar Dome Key In MW2 DMZ
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2nd Feb 2023 14:56

If you've stumbled upon the key, you might be wondering where the MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location is as it can be quite tricky to find. As is the nature of having such a big map in MW2 DMZ, locations - especially ones for keys - can be difficult to pin down, so it is always helpful to have a guiding hand, making the process a whole lot smoother.

So, do make sure to carry on reading if you want to find out exactly where the MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location is.

MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome Key Location

MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location on the map
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The MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome is found within the Zaya Observatory point of interest. While there are quite a few dome-shaped buildings within this POI, the Zaya Radar Dome is the northmost one, just beyond the P-shaped building.

It looks like a giant golf ball, and has a locked double door at its base. The best entry point is from the roads either north-east or north-west of the POI, as they will take you straight to the Radar Dome, avoiding a lot of the danger.

Do You Need A Key For The MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome?

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You do unfortunately need a key in order to get into the Zaya Radar Dome, so you better get searching. The key is aptly named 'Zaya Radar Dome key', so you will know exactly what you've found once you pick it up.

You will need to be careful once you've made your way up the mountain though as the area is sprawling with tough AI foes. Either bring a squad with you that you can rely on, or make sure that you're geared up and ready for a fight.

So, that should give you all the details if you were looking for the MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location. If you need some help completing the tricky MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission though, look no further than our guide for all the tips.

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