Where is the Yum Yum Burger key in MW2 DMZ?

Where is the Yum Yum Burger key in MW2 DMZ?
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If you've managed to get your hands on it, you might be wondering where the MW2 DMZ Yum Yum Burger key location is. It might be easy to find the keys in MW2 DMZ, but learning where they are actually used is another story. So, check out this guide to find the exact MW2 DMZ Yum Yum Burger key location.

Where can you find the Yum Yum Burger Key?

MW2 DMZ Yum Yum Burger key location
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The MW2 DMZ Yum Yum Burger Key can be found within the Al Mazrah City Point of Interest, inside the G3 map cell.

Head towards the staircase on the bottom floor of Yum Yum Burger and there should be a door that you can use the key on to unlock everything that's inside.

As always, you will need to be careful when approaching this area as there are plenty of AI foes either on the approach to the key location or directly surrounding the key. Your best course of action is to either approach with an armored vehicle (both for speed and protection) or to jump in with a squad that can protect you.

Regardless, you're definitely going to want to take it slow, as you never know what is lurking around each corner. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're close and then getting dropped by an enemy you didn't see and sent straight back to the lobby screen.

Using the key will grant you access to a wide assortment of various loot. Items with monetary value will be your most likely reward, but you could also get a kitted-out weapon or even a key if you're lucky. Just make sure to get to the nearest extraction point, as otherwise, your efforts will have been for nothing.

So, that's everything you need to know about the MW2 DMZ Yum Yum Burger key location, giving you the details of how to get there. Make sure to check out our MW2 DMZ key locations guide for a hub of every spot we've covered so far in the extraction game mode.

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