Where to use Police Armory Key in MW2 DMZ

Where to use Police Armory Key in MW2 DMZ
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Harry Boulton


19th Apr 2023 17:24

Wondering where the DMZ Police Armory key unlock location is in MW2? While it might be easy to find the keys themselves in MW2 DMZ, learning where they are actually used is a completely different story.

So, read on for everything you need to know about where to find the Police Armory key location in MW2 DMZ.

Where to unlock Police Armory in DMZ?

Before we get started, it's worth noting that the MW2 DMZ Police Armory Key is slightly different, as there are three different spots that you can use the key to unlock. You'll also need to do some trekking to get to them all, as they're quite spread out across the game's map. 

With each of these areas, you'll need to be careful when approaching them, as there are plenty of AI foes either on the approach to the key location or directly surrounding the key itself. Your best course of action is to either approach with an armoured vehicle - both for speed and protection - or to jump in with a squad who can protect you.

Regardless, you're definitely going to want to take it slow, as you never know what is lurking around each corner. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're close and then getting dropped by an enemy you didn't see and sent straight back to the lobby screen.

Keep reading to find out exactly where you need to go.

Police Armory Key unlock locations in MW2 DMZ

Armory Location #1

Map showing the MW2 DMZ Police Armory key unlock location in cell D6
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The first of the three DMZ Police Armory Key locations is on cell D6 of the map, in the Sa'id City Point of Interest. To locate it, head inside the Police Building, then venture up the stairs to the left.

As is the case with all of these rooms, they hold a multitude of lockers which you will need the MW2 DMZ Police Locker key to access.

Armory Location #2

Map showing the MW2 DMZ Police Armory key unlock location in cell F2
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The second DMZ Police Armory Key location can be found within map cell F2, in the northwestern corner of Al Mazrah City. As with the previous spot, all you'll need to do in order to access is to head into the Police Building and head up the stairs situated on the left.

Armory Location #3

MW2 DMZ Police Armory Key Location G5
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The third and final Police Armory Key location is within the map cell G5, on the far eastern side of the Mawizeh Marshlands, just south of Al Mazrah City. As with the other two locations, simply head into the Police Building and take the stairs on the left to use the key.

So, that's everything you to know about all the locations you can use the MW2 DMZ Police Armory key at. Make sure to check out our MW2 DMZ key locations guide for a hub of every spot we've found in the extraction game mode.

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