MW2 DMZ Canal Apartment 103 location

MW2 DMZ Canal Apartment 103 location
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Dave McAdam


14th Mar 2023 19:22

Looking for canal apartment 103 in DMZ? MW2 DMZ has a long list of hidden places to track down for extra gear. canal apartment 103 is tucked away tightly making it difficult to find without some help. Here is how to find canal apartment 103 in DMZ.

DMZ Canal Apartment 103: How to get the key

DMZ canal apartment 103: A supply box that may contain a key
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Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of getting the canal apartment 103 key, or any key for that matter, in DMZ. The keys are random drops, so to maximise your chances of getting some, you should focus on:

  • Red, Orange, and White Supply Chests
  • SAM Site Drops
  • Supply Drops
  • Enemy Helicopter Supply Cargo
  • Boss Supply Drops

Each of those has a chance of dropping keys, and the canal apartment 103 key.

DMZ Canal Apartment 103: Apartment location

DMZ canal apartment 103: The location of the canal apartment building marked on the map
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As mentioned, this apartment is tucked away but not difficult to get to if you know where you are going. First, head to Al-Mazrah City. A river flows through the city, and near the centre of the city, there is a piece of land divided by the river to the west, and the canal to the east.

A bridge runs across this piece of land, which connects the western and eastern sides of the city. On that strip of land in the middle, just north of the bridge, there is a large apartment building.

Enter the building through the door on the northeast corner, and immediately turn left. Go down the hallway, and stop at the first door on the right. That door will be marked 103, as it is canal apartment 103. Use your key to open the door and grab the gear inside.

That is it for the DMZ canal apartment 103 key location. For more on the game, check out where to find the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dead Drop in MW2 DMZ.

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