Where To Find Game Consoles In DMZ

Where To Find Game Consoles In DMZ
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12th Jan 2023 16:48

You'll need to learn where to find game consoles in DMZ, as it's a requirement for the Custom Hardware tier 2 mission that you can take for the Black Mous faction. The Warzone 2 DMZ mode is an extraction shooter based on games like Escape From Tarkov, where players can drop into a map to gain loot and complete objectives, but then need to extract to keep everything they earned.

If you want to progress through this mode and earn XP, you'll need to finish faction missions, so check out where to find game consoles in DMZ.

Where To Find Game Consoles In DMZ

Where To Find Game Consoles In DMZ
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Custom Hardware is a faction mission in the DMZ game mode where players need to collect various hardware. To start with you need to collect a single GPU, but the second-tier version of the mission asks players to collect four game consoles during deployment and then place them in a Dumpster Dead Drop. You're not given any specific direction for this goal, and instead, you need to just locate four consoles in the large Al Mazrah map.

Game consoles can be found in a myriad of places in Al Mazrah, but there are some ways to narrow down the search to make it quicker and easier. Firstly, checking stores is a good way to locate them, as they can be found on shelves. Houses and flats are also a fantastic choice, as you can routinely come across game consoles next to TV units.

Flat complexes are the most efficient places to explore for games consoles though, as you can explore multiple apartments on each floor, and if you get lucky you can find all four within the same building. This makes this faction mission a breeze and allows you to move on to the final objective of securing 20 GPUs, which is a bit more time-consuming.

That's all for our rundown of where to find game consoles in DMZ, and now you should be able to collect all four for the Custom Hardware mission with ease.

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